Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A little dress for Enay. Are you interested?

Assalammualaikum semua,
Made this long dress for Enay.
She kept on pestering me for a new dress every single day until it's done. Haha...!
Oh dear, but she really truly appreciate my hand made and will be wearing 'em everyday, sampaikan nak suruh dia tukar baru kena buat sehelai baju baru lagi untuk dia hehe...

This dress is made from 100% cotton and the pattern is from a Japanese book. And I've made it in size 120 (which is the height of the person for)

I am very confident in making this dress, so if you are interested buy order similar dress, please contact me thru my email sketch.andsew(at) Thanks!

She is very cheeky and witty! Haha...

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