Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My little puff wallets


Ahh...the feeling after completing your project, sewing project that's it...
I've been blank with what to sew after a long hiatus. After sewing a dress for Enay, I saw this tutorial from a Thai friend of mine. She made it so easy and clear tutorial, and I really love the neatness of her work. Pretty amazing tau!

So, I did about 6 of it...The first one is really hideous! hand sewing skill drop to level zero! Teruk!
But by the time I finished the 6th puff wallet, I have mastered a little bit of the hand sewing method.

There are 2 slip pockets inside and the size is just right for lunch and also for children.

Here is the link to the tutorial :


Anys Hazwanie said...


Liza Azman said...

Thank you sis Anys, nanti try tutorial yg saya link kan tu ye :)