Sunday, October 11, 2015

3 try, 2 crash!

Making Olivia tri-fold wallet is very addictive, and a great way to use up all the small cut fabrics that I have too. I was testing for another design closure, a tri-fold so that it will be more suitable for the boys as well.

Made 2, and then both need to be discarded because I don't like the end result, and so I make another one and this time, new template added for additional piece and walla...done!

What do you think?
I was in love with this combination, but I think my eldest girl likes it too! Haha...

Basically, the inside features are the same, the height is also the same, only it is a bit longer when open.

Now, my eldest son requesting one for himself, and already choosing his fabric choice, the rest of the sibling will naturally follow to start their order hehehe...

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