Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sew-made: Accordion wallet

This a custom made design accordion wallet for a new client.
Sometimes, new client is sceptical of hand made items, I understand because sometimes what we see is not always what we think it is. So, I offered a huge discount to this client because I want her to judge my hand made after she see it herself how I do my work. I think of this as one of my method for advertising and sedekah.

I am very much confident with my work, and all my clients are satisfied with my products and from what I heard from my loyal clients, my hand made even in a good condition after 5 years! It is something that I can be proud of, right? :)

This wallet can fits 12 cards, it has a zip compartment and a divider. This wallet is made of linen (checked design), plain black denim and plain 100% cotton (interior). I also add detachable strap, and the binding is finished by hand-stitch.

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