Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sew-made: Boxy wallet

Today, I would  like to share a new design that I really love so much!
I saw this boxy style zip wallet from a fellow hand made maker from Thailand. She sells the kit and tutorial, but unfortunately she didn't want to sell it to me no matter how I beg hehehe...

So, I experiment the idea from multiple pictures I saw (you have no idea how ridiculous I look when I search for every details that I can find to start my own 'boxy wallet'

My husband helps me with designing the base and measurement, I did the test run of the first design.

This is my prototype, mainly to see what I can change and add. The prototype version use a cheap zip, oh my goodness! I really hate the local zip! It is wobbly, soft and wavy when sew. My hard work looks cheap!
Oh pfff...

...and this is my first order from a client for the boxy wallet! Yay!
She wanted it in linen (this the last piece linen I have in my stock) All the binding was hand-stitch and yes, took so much time but, I get to practice my hand stitch technique! *smile

Oh hey, I use Venus zip this time. It's a better quality and one of the best in Thailand.
I forgot to tell you the details of the wallet! Hah!

This design, I call it Sasya boxy accordion zip wallet.
It has 16 slots for cards, a zip pocket and 1 divider.

I think the next time, I will add a strap for more functional and feel-safe mode.

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