Saturday, May 21, 2016

Dresses and romper

Assalammualaikum and hi!

Recently I learn to sew with knit fabrics, something that I wanted to learn for quite some time now.

Well, it is actually very easy! With the right needle and stitches, you can sew knit as usual.

I pick this design from Heidi & Finn, the Sugar and Spice romper pattern, it is actually including patterns for romper, normal cut dress and hi low cut dress.

I had to add some extra volume to the pattern piece for romper body because I wanted to use cotton instead of knit fabric. And as for the bodice and cuff, I use my husband's old t-shirt (grey) and new bought knit (navy blue).

I am so in love with the versatile and clean designs by Heidi & Finn. Definitely a style I am looking for for my girls. Go check their designs at Etsy!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Ahli keluarga baru!


Lebih kurang dua minggu lepas Blackie, arnab betina tunggal kami selamat melahirkan 2 ekor bunnies ni haa...membesar dengan sihat dan comel. 
Saya ni dah di kategorikan sebagai expert dah bab-bab menjaga bunnies yang baru dilahirkan, chewah!

Sebenarnya dah lama dah tak biakkan arnab-arnab ni, sebab depa ni sangat cepat membiak jika dibiarkan berdua-dua, jantan dan betina lah! Dulu ada dekat 20 ekor arnab, tapi sebab saya seorang saja yang menjaga dan ditambah pula ketika itu saya mengandung dan alahan sangat kuat, banyak arnab yang mati ketika kecil. Tinggal lebih kurang 7 ekor dewasa aje. 4 betina dan 3 jantan, Kesemua betina dalam satu sangkar manakala yang jantannya pula seekor satu sangkar.

Bayangkan kalau 20 ekor yang selamat macam dulu...nangis saya nak bela, sangkar pula entah banyak mana?? Disebabkan kami ni kerap berpindah, agak lega juga dengan 7 ekor yang masih ada tu, tu pun jenuh juga. Mujurlah kumbahan depa tak busuk macam kucing punya...kalau tak, hmmm...nagis sekali lagi hehehe...

Kisahnya, 3 ekor arnab betina dan seekor arnab jantan kami mati secara 'misteri'. Takdelah misteri sangat pun sebenarnya sebab depa mati selepas kami beri makan kangkung yang dibeli di pasar malam dan pasar pagi di Sungai Siput, Perak ni! Geram. Pertama kali beri makan, arnab jantan yang mati...mulanya ingat sebab kami tak basuh dulu kangkung tu...selang dekat sebulan, beli lagi kangkung di pasar malam, kali ni, kami rendam dahulu kangkung tu sebelum diberikan kepada arnab-arnab kami...rupanya 3 ekor mati sekaligus! Sedih dan geram, sebab bayangkan, arnab sekali makan je dah mati...kita yang dok makan setiap hari ni, lama-lama jadi apa???

Jadi, kami sekeluarga berhenti makan sayur yang dibeli dari pasar pagi dan pasar malam sejak dari kejadian itu. Tak berapa berani nak jamah, sedang mencari alternatif baru nak beli sayur dimana...atau mungkin akan tanam sendiri sayuran untuk makan. Berhati-hatilah apabila membeli sayuran di pasar-pasar tempatan. 

Berbalik kepada cerita bunnies tadi ni, suami lah yang cadangkan supaya dibiak semula arnab, saya dengan berat hati hehe...ikut cadangannya. Maka, inilah dia hasilnya...

Seekor ikut warna ibunya, seekor lagi ikut warna ayahnya...
jantina belum diketahui lagi...bab tu memang tak pandai nak teka.

Ni namanya Baldu (velvet)

Ini pula belum ada nama hehe...

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Inspired by LV Neverfull GM totebag

Made this very large totebag inspired by LV Neverfull GM totebag.
This bag is made with linen and lined with 100% cotton fabric.
This linen has a vintage look and just a perfect match with the accessories.

I add 6 purse feet and a hard base just for fun. I was thinking, if it is going to be so much pain making it, why not go all out with it! Haha!

The binding was a mix of machine and hand sewn. Also, the handles and accessories were sewn on the bag with two needles saddle stitch technique. I love the out come and definitely learn a lot of technique and new knowledge. 

Thank you for the support kak Sya, and thank you for waiting patiently as I go ga-ga figuring how is the best possible way to make it! And thank you for the opportunity to make this bag.

I would also like to thank Sharad for sharing a lot of tips and knowledge about leather work. You can visit his shop here, he makes iPhone cases. If you are one iPhone user, go check his work!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tutorial: How to insert the zipper pull to metal zip

Today i am going to share with you a tutorial on how to install a zipper pull to metal zip.
I know most of you are an experience seamstress, so this tutorial might be helpful for a beginner seamstress. Ha!

You see, installing the metal zip puller to the metal zip is not the same as the nylon zip. You can install both ways for nylon zip but for metal zip you have to remember this crucial detail.

Look at the zipper teeth. Make sure the teeth is facing up!

The zipper teeth is still facing up and the zip puller will be inserted from the bottom.

Insert the zip puller and align both side. Make sure the zipper fabric is align neatly.

Placing your both fingers on both side of the zip fabrics and press firmly. 

You should be able to pull the zip puller smoothly to the center. 
If you insert the zip puller with the zip teeth facing down, you cannot pull the zip smoothly.
This is actually a trick that I learn from a workshop I attended in National Craft Center during my leather workshop 2 years ago, so you know that I have been neglecting to use metal zip for sooooo long hahaha....!

I hope this encourage you to buy more meter cut zipper than the fix by inch meter.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thai Hobo Bag - improvised version, PDF Pattern and Tutorial

Hello everyone!!
The pattern pdf & tutorial for Thai Hobo Bag - improvised version are now available for purchase at my Etsy Shop or Craftsy.

Who ever have been to Thailand must be familiar with this bag.
I really love this bag. It is easy to wear and very practical especially if you are like me, having to carry a baby most of the time, and of course if you are a simple person (like me! like me! like me!) than this bag is for you too!

The most frustrating about this bag when you want to buy it (in Thailand or any other brick and mortar shops), they do not come in your fabric style, or not so quality fabric and no lining (sometimes!)

So now, you can make your own with your own favourite fabric! In this tutorial, I also include the zip pocket tutorial, so that you can make the bag safe for your precious things....and the best is, you can style it with the mini you, yep, you heard right! This pattern and tutorial comes with a mini version of the bag.

Price for USD6.99, go and grab them now!
Happy sewing and don't forget to share it with us on FB group, naydeeStudio designs!

Monday, March 21, 2016

naydeeStudio: What my customer made from my pattern pdf.

I love this Rosellia Shoulder Bag version by my customer, Shi Ryuuki
Isn't she a beauty? :)

You can also make your own Rosellia Bag by purchasing the bag pattern at

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Special Edition: Rosellia Shoulder Bag


This is Rosellia Shoulder Bag with a little special pink leather handles to compliment the fabric.
A perfect bag for Spring!
The bag have 2 large pockets, located on both side exterior.
2 slip pockets inside the bag and a zip pocket too!
The handles measure about 41cm from the brass square end to end. The opening of your bag is slightly close to your arm pit.
The antique brass accessories on the handles are unique and does look antique to me!
The exterior part (the pink polka dots fabric) are quilted to give a shape to the bag and sturdy enough to carry your daily essentials.
The bag use a magnetic snap button with tab for closure, for easy access to your belonging. SHOULD YOU NEED A ZIP CLOSURE, please message me first for enquiry.


Bag measurement
28.5cm (H) x 34cm (W) x 11.5cm (D)

You can buy this limited edition Rosellia Shoulder Bag at naydeeStudio

If you want to make your own Rosellia Shoulder Tote Bag, here is where you can get the pdf pattern and tutorials at naydeeStudio

Thank you! :)

Friday, February 19, 2016

naydeeStudio: Rosellia Shoulder Bag pdf pattern and tutorial

Hello everyone!
After a long and drained weeks, I finally finished the pdf pattern and tutorial for Rosellia Shoulder Bag.
Hooray! And the downloadable pattern and tutorial can be purchase at 

This is a stylish tote bag that is suitable for daily use and has decent compartments to keep your essentials safe but at the same time easy to access.

The design of the bag is great enough to display your beautiful fabric.

The tutorial is written in English and easy to understand as most of the steps were explained as detail as possible with a lot of photos.

This is my second design. The first design is a little wallet, Olivia Practical Wallet

Hope you will enjoy sewing with our designs! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Coming soon in February. Rosellia Bag pdf. pattern and tutorials.

Assalammualaikum and Hi!
I have been planning for naydeeStudio designs pdf pattern and tutorial for the month of February.
It's going to be Rosellia Bag!! Yay! 

Our Rosellia Bag has 2 large pockets on each front and back face and I am going to make 1 zip pocket inside bag and 2 slip pocket inside. The closure will be magnet button. This is a simple and practical tote bag for daily use, and I think you are going to love it! You can show off your beautiful fabric on the exterior, you can add cord piping to the exterior and you can even quilt the interior for a sturdier bag.

So, don't forget to visit here or Naydee Studio shop at

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tutorials: How to connect your ends binding without the bulk!

Hi everyone!

This is how I do my binding on every project I make.
The tutorials was from a book, but somehow, I can't understand what was the author trying to achieve or maybe I am the not-so-bright person to understand it...hahaha...anyway, I did a lot of finding from the internet and finally...finally find the reasonable way to understand how to do it! Silly me!

Here we go!

Prepare the desired length and wide of your bias binding, in my case, I prepared about 3.6cm wide of binding strip.
You can use pre-made binding or if you are making your own, cut your fabric on 45 degree angle, they call it on bias.

Now, pin it around your project, carefully not to stretch your binding strip. This is a mistake that I have made before I met my dear friend, Ms Nok from Thailand. 

Pin corners as showed in the picture.

And you will come to the end like this.

Draw a 45 degree angle with your fabric marker.

On another end stretch it a little bit and mark the both end of previous drawn line earlier.

Like so...make sense?

And like this...again, make sense?

Draw a line on that other end, and mark a 0.5cm away from the that first line.

Draw another line, now you have 2 lines here.

Cut the excess fabric.

And cut the other half also...but at the second line.

You will get this.

Now match both end right side facing together.

Pin it, see carefully on how you should pin it, enlarge the picture if you are not sure.

Sew the seam, and this is how it will looks like.

Press (iron) the seam open.

Cut the excess fabric.

And pin back the binding around the body of your project.

Fold in as you would do in binding and from this point, you can either hand sew to close the binding or machine sew it. It is your choice. But, I close it with ladder stitch. Yes, hand stitch!

Make a knot before you start.

And stitch about 2mm stitch! Using the ladder stitch, of course! :) Stitch it all around and you are done! :D