Thursday, January 21, 2016

Coming soon in February. Rosellia Bag pdf. pattern and tutorials.

Assalammualaikum and Hi!
I have been planning for naydeeStudio designs pdf pattern and tutorial for the month of February.
It's going to be Rosellia Bag!! Yay! 

Our Rosellia Bag has 2 large pockets on each front and back face and I am going to make 1 zip pocket inside bag and 2 slip pocket inside. The closure will be magnet button. This is a simple and practical tote bag for daily use, and I think you are going to love it! You can show off your beautiful fabric on the exterior, you can add cord piping to the exterior and you can even quilt the interior for a sturdier bag.

So, don't forget to visit here or Naydee Studio shop at

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tutorials: How to connect your ends binding without the bulk!

Hi everyone!

This is how I do my binding on every project I make.
The tutorials was from a book, but somehow, I can't understand what was the author trying to achieve or maybe I am the not-so-bright person to understand it...hahaha...anyway, I did a lot of finding from the internet and finally...finally find the reasonable way to understand how to do it! Silly me!

Here we go!

Prepare the desired length and wide of your bias binding, in my case, I prepared about 3.6cm wide of binding strip.
You can use pre-made binding or if you are making your own, cut your fabric on 45 degree angle, they call it on bias.

Now, pin it around your project, carefully not to stretch your binding strip. This is a mistake that I have made before I met my dear friend, Ms Nok from Thailand. 

Pin corners as showed in the picture.

And you will come to the end like this.

Draw a 45 degree angle with your fabric marker.

On another end stretch it a little bit and mark the both end of previous drawn line earlier.

Like so...make sense?

And like this...again, make sense?

Draw a line on that other end, and mark a 0.5cm away from the that first line.

Draw another line, now you have 2 lines here.

Cut the excess fabric.

And cut the other half also...but at the second line.

You will get this.

Now match both end right side facing together.

Pin it, see carefully on how you should pin it, enlarge the picture if you are not sure.

Sew the seam, and this is how it will looks like.

Press (iron) the seam open.

Cut the excess fabric.

And pin back the binding around the body of your project.

Fold in as you would do in binding and from this point, you can either hand sew to close the binding or machine sew it. It is your choice. But, I close it with ladder stitch. Yes, hand stitch!

Make a knot before you start.

And stitch about 2mm stitch! Using the ladder stitch, of course! :) Stitch it all around and you are done! :D

Tutorials: How to install the snap button on your project!

Hi everyone.
Wow, I haven't made any tutorial for years.
So, today I will start one!
How to install the snap button on your project.

First, when you buy the snap buttons, make sure you also have the tools to install it. Don't ask me whether  I sell the tools haha...I don't. I bought mine in Bangkok years ago. Here you can see the tool sets and the snap button set.

Punch a hole on your project (this is a tab for my Olivia wallet). I hope you have measure the exact location where you should put your snap button before you punch a hole, because there is no turning back after the hole is made! Haha...

Punch another hole for the snap partner to set in.

Then, set in the front cover of the snap button and rest it on the plate. The plate is to ensure that your button cover will not be dented when you use a hammer to hit it.

Next, place the button cover's pair on the back of the button cover and use this specific tool and hit with a hammer to set it in.

Now, you have install the first half of your snap button. Make sure the snap button does not move/rotate. If it does, it means your snap button is not tight enough. So give more hits. Gentle but firm.

On the second half of your snap button, cut a small square of a stiff interfacing and a batting each and insert the longer part of the set in.

And put the last piece of the snap button on top and use the tool (in the picture) on the rounded part and hit it with a hammer. Make sure that the snap button does not rotate/move, if it does, that's mean your snap button is not tight enough. Again give more hits! Gentle but firm.

This is what it will looks like on the back.

And this is what it looks like in front

Now, you have completed your mission to install your snap button on your project.

I have done mine on my little Olivia Practical Wallet!


Thursday, January 7, 2016

OLIVIA practical wallet tutorial and pdf pattern

Assalammualaikum and hi everyone!
I have been busy with my new tutorial and pdf pattern on my little wallet, The Olivia Practical Wallet!
This is my first English version of the tutorial, so please be gentle with me :)

This tutorial comes with 7 pages pdf. file that you can print out and 3 pages of the pattern templates.
I have put a lot of photos and when you buy the pattern, you will be added to a group called naydeeStudio designs in Facebook. In the group I will help you thru out the process should you need any help and we can share our different technique in the making process too! I think it will be a more fun and functional group.

DO check again at my Etsy shop, naydeeStudio