Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tutorials: How to connect your ends binding without the bulk!

Hi everyone!

This is how I do my binding on every project I make.
The tutorials was from a book, but somehow, I can't understand what was the author trying to achieve or maybe I am the not-so-bright person to understand it...hahaha...anyway, I did a lot of finding from the internet and finally...finally find the reasonable way to understand how to do it! Silly me!

Here we go!

Prepare the desired length and wide of your bias binding, in my case, I prepared about 3.6cm wide of binding strip.
You can use pre-made binding or if you are making your own, cut your fabric on 45 degree angle, they call it on bias.

Now, pin it around your project, carefully not to stretch your binding strip. This is a mistake that I have made before I met my dear friend, Ms Nok from Thailand. 

Pin corners as showed in the picture.

And you will come to the end like this.

Draw a 45 degree angle with your fabric marker.

On another end stretch it a little bit and mark the both end of previous drawn line earlier.

Like so...make sense?

And like this...again, make sense?

Draw a line on that other end, and mark a 0.5cm away from the that first line.

Draw another line, now you have 2 lines here.

Cut the excess fabric.

And cut the other half also...but at the second line.

You will get this.

Now match both end right side facing together.

Pin it, see carefully on how you should pin it, enlarge the picture if you are not sure.

Sew the seam, and this is how it will looks like.

Press (iron) the seam open.

Cut the excess fabric.

And pin back the binding around the body of your project.

Fold in as you would do in binding and from this point, you can either hand sew to close the binding or machine sew it. It is your choice. But, I close it with ladder stitch. Yes, hand stitch!

Make a knot before you start.

And stitch about 2mm stitch! Using the ladder stitch, of course! :) Stitch it all around and you are done! :D

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