Friday, December 26, 2008

Square pouch

Yay! A square pouch. I just love it! Never thought that square pouch would be so cute!! Though it looks small but you can be surprise what you can put in it!

Both exterior and lining using the high quality upholstery fabrics. I added a black velvet ribbon for a decorative purpose. And a zipper for closure. The size of this pouch is 5' square x 3.5' (height).

Credit to: Karencilla for this super easy tutorial

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kitty-Doggy Shoulder (Hobo) Bag

My own version of shoulder-hobo bag. Kitty-Doggy Shoulder Bag! Well, of course the name was after the designs printed on the exterior fabric (I've got to work out with creative names for my design next time :)). This bag is big enough to put in a 14' x 9' file easily.

I also add a zipper on the interior for smaller things such as hand phone, lip balm, tissue and whatever small things that we ladies consider as.

I also add a dark color ribbon to complete the bag.

My first pattern

Back view

Interior view

This file can be easily fit inside this bag

Tie the ribbon a bit tighter and you'll get a completely different/smaller bag look!

(Consider if you have little stuff to put in the bag)

Materials: Kitty-Dog printed fabric for exterior, pink fabric for lining, 8' zipper, dark color ribbon
Size: 14 1/2' (upper part), 16 1/2' (bottom), 12 1/2' (height), 3' (bottom wide) -size excluding straps

Monday, December 22, 2008

From Karen's Pouch Inspiration

I just love Karen's pouch. So cute and the fabric are so beautiful. The moment I saw this fabric in Kamdar, Ipoh, I was so sure that this is it! The fabric that I will use to make the pouch!
This pouch is actually for baby wipes. I guess. And I found this tutorial from peachmade. And since it was written in Japanese, I think I didn't follow the tutorial correctly. Hah! But it came out very nice and clean. I just love it.
This pouch is big and you can load in everything in it, especially, girls our makeups and toiletries. There is also a pocket inside the pouch and I think it is very practical. Next time I will add another pocket on the inside of the pouch...

My pouch

Mind the zipper, I use my old Diadora bag's zipper for this pouch

I use the upholstery fabric for the lining, thus that makes the bag more sturdier

The first step

We used to open a small shop in Kedah, another state in Malaysia (we have 13 states) selling women accessories and handmade crystal-ware.

The business was a success, at first as our little 'Creative Shack' had a unique and colorful setup and stuffs. Most of the items we had in our shop were from Thailand. So, we used to travel a lot to Haatyai, Thailand. I also bought some books on how to make crystal beads accessories which were written in Thai. The pictures it selves explain every step, so, unable to understand the language wasn't a problem at all!

But, after a few months, during the last term school holidays in 2005 (if I'm not mistaken) the locals spending ability in Jitra, Kedah has slow down until one day we just had to gave up on the business. What a lost! We learned to realized that in accessories demand (in small town) goes with the seasons. The sales were bad for over 8 out of the 12 months. The locals were not buying but business depended mostly on visitors from outside (tourists).

And now, with a fresh start. Fresh project. Fresh business and fresh air too. Both of us are planning to make bags and batik design tunics and tops for both local and international (online) markets. I hope this time we will succeed.

Wish us luck, dear friends.

KLASIK KRAF. Our new dream.

Fabrics hunting!

Last Wednesday, we went to down to Ipoh, the capital of the Perak, situated some 80km from the highlands to buy some fabrics and necessities for my sewing projects. Yay! This has always been the moment that I've been waiting for so long! Fabrics hunting!

The first stop was Nagoya textiles store. There were a lot of beautiful fabrics in this store. Oh my, I just couldn't decide what fabrics to buy and left the shop without buying anything! Oh dear! That is my biggest problem. You see, I am taking everything into considerations before buying things, for examples, the costs, what if another store offer better fabrics...etc...etc...etc...and every time I will end up empty handed and I will regret it later on. Sigh.
I wish that I can just grab what I want and be happy with it. But doesn't that sound selfish?! Oh dear.
Anyway, I bought these beautiful fabrics at Kamdar (another shop) at a very reasonable price and kind of happy with it.
I was thinking to use the black fabric to make a pouch like Karen's and the turquoise base fabric to make duffel bag.
My three musketeers
Nas and Hadif playing at the amusement park in Jaya Jusco, Ipoh
Nas on a roof?

Monday, December 15, 2008


I had to choose between these two fabrics. Top image is my husband''s kain pelikat and the botton is my batik sarong

Front image

Another front image

Back image

Wearing it with my favourite jacket

...wearing it with my favourite Giordano jeans

This is my latest creation. Azalea-nna. A simple twin sister of Azalea pattern from Burdastyle. I had to choose between these two fabrics. My husband's checkered kain pelikat and my batik sarong. But of course I've chose my batik sarong - em, it's actually because my husband's kain pelikat is more expensive than my batik sarong, HA!

I skipped the upper and front pieces of the dress due to not enough fabric or matching fabric. Ugh...I don't wear dresses, well, not when I go out. Don't feel that I have sexy legs to show-off! Haha...And so I shorten it a bit and make it into a more A-shape. Still thinking whether I should add the belt detailed as in Azalea original design...Hmm...

The materials I use to make this azalea-nna are the leftover navy blue lightweight cotton for the yokes and my final batik sarong. Oh, yes, I also skipped the zipper attachment and luckily it can be made as pullover mini-dress, if not...

Well, okay, the truth is, I don't have the guts to attached the zipper...But hope one day I will.

So, this is it. My mini-dress..a.k.a tunic Azalea-nna with batik sarong design!! Tell me what you think.

P/S: I'm planning to buy more batik sarong since they make beautiful and unique creations if it goes with suitable designs. And will update on what is kain batik and pelikat

The most important things is that I get to show the beauty of Malays/Indonesian traditional batik sarong designs to the world.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Harraz's backpack

I've made this backpack for my 2 years old son, Harraz (well, to tell you the truth, it was actually for Nas) but because I've made a last minutes changes at the bottom corner of the bag, it somehow got smaller than it suppose to be. Oh!

So, I guess it suits Harraz better with that size. By the way, Nas is a bit fussy with everything :)

I added a little pocket on the front of the backpack, a flap, a wooden button and a white ribbon for closure.

Though it is a small bag, but it fits perfectly his extra shirt and toys when we go out to the park.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bank book purse

While I was browsing some Japanese websites, I came across these nice and very neat purses. I'm not a fan of purses but these creations have changed my mind a bit.

I want to make it more practical (since I prefer to stuff money and ID in my pant pocket...paranoid much! :P) I make this purse large enough for my bank account book and bank slips to fit. There is also a pen holder, a zipper, just in case I need to bring some coins and I also added a black button for closure.

The stitches are not very neat, though :( After I took a closer look of the pictures, I realized that I've overlooked a few steps (or maybe I didn't even notice it!) After all, it's written in Japanese...D-UH!

Materials: Stripes upholstery fabric, navy blue lightweight cotton, button, dark color ribbon.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Robinson Waterfall

The Robinson Waterfall

Nas infront of the waterfall



...and me with Hadif

About 2 weeks ago we had a chance to visit the famous local Robinson waterfall. It's about 35 minutes walk from our house thru our treasured rain forest. Once we reached there, we truly were disappointed with the whole view! There's nothing much to see. (I also found empty bleach bottle right below the waterfall! Oh, gosh!) There were no resting spots or specific location to enjoy the 10 metres high waterfall. The surrounding were thick with 2 metres tall bushes and completely covered the whole scenic beauty of the fall.

Resting upon reaching
So we decided to go back trail some 50 metres from the waterfall where we managed to find a place to sit and enjoy the view. It was an open-space where the water rushes thru flat surfaced mountainous rock forming a kind of a rapid. Quite beautiful.

Our children really enjoy themselves though they barely touch the water! Haha...I guess that's the joy of being kids. You can have fun with almost everything...or nothing.

Husband and Hadif

Harraz enjoys the water flow

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When Sadie meets Tara

My oh, my! A batik Sadie! My second top (tunic dress). After completing my first Sadie, I was so excited that I decided to make another Sadie. This time I had to sacrifice my second batik sarong...

This Sadie is different from the original Sadie because I altered a few things. First, I added 6 inch for the length. And since I like tunics very much, I make it into an A-shape. I also added the Tara sleeves to finish up the whole. I'm not very sure how the tunic will come out, but now I know for sure and I love it!

So, this is it! What do you think? It's very comfortable and I think this tunic is also comfy to be wore as nightgown.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Camera casing

I came out with the idea to make a casing for my camera after reading verypurpleperson's blog, Birthday Gift. My camera's original casing is old and had worn off. So, I decided to make a new one for her...actually 3 but the 2 was a failure because I had problem on sewing the bias. After all, she had been sharing all the sweet and sour moments with me for the past 3 years. I should make new outfit for her. That's the least I can do.

Anyway, all the hard work really paid off when I finally...finally finished it! Yay!

I'm not satisfied with the bias attachment but overall it was okay.

The original casing

The first attempt...Oh no!!

The final attempts...Yay!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Double tissue casing

I've got this pattern from one of Japan websites. It's super easy to sew and only took me less than 1/2 hour to sew it! When you fold it into half, it looks like a purse. But unfortunately the fabric I'm using to make this is super stubborn to iron and therefore it doesn't sit nicely and bulky. I will make more of this with lightweight cotton fabrics! I just love Japan's crafts...!

Pattern from