Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New stuff and promotion at little-iro-iro




There's a promotion for Mother's Day and Teacher's Day and check out the new stuff in my shop, Suraya - the shell pouch and Nadiah - the boxy cosmetic pouch...

Monday, April 26, 2010

What I did these past 3 days

These past 3 days, I was so busy finishing order by Puan Ira. 2 ways Nellysa, Azalea and Nicky...And the other two is my humble free gifts for her...Thank you, Puan Ira. Hope you like the bags and please order more hehe...just joking, Puan Ira, only if you're satisfied with the products...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Check out my new design totebag - NELLYSA

I've just finished my new design totebag, NELLYSA. I found it very complicated design but I really like it! It was so challenging to make this tote and since I used an expensive cotton flowery fabric to make this design for the first time, I was very careful when cutting the fabric so that I didn't waste the fabric at all...
Please check out the details in my little-iro-iro shop and for the time being this tote is only one in stock. And it comes with 2 free gifts, check out what are the free gifts and the promotion price!
Stay healthy and happy sewing!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nicky, done!

I've finished this little drawstring pouch, Nicky last night. But only now I have time to post it here in my daily blog. I hate to describe twice about what I've done, so, pleaseeee......come and visit my little-iro-iro for more details about this pouch, ya! (^.^)
Thank you.
P/S: How are you girls doing today?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Due to some problem, this Katsarin pinky stripes is open to all again...

So, only one available, hurry, grab fast. First person come/book with payment will be serve first!
Thank You!


I've just upload the triangular coin purse (JAJA) for little-iro-iro. Using soft cotton fabric with brown base, and instead of using interfacing, I use another fabric (heavy jacquard) so that the purse retained it triangular shape.
Come and visit little-iro-iro for more details. I'll make sure to upload new stuff every 2 days at little-iro-iro and each product is very limited (if you want it fast), but still you can order it depending on fabrics availability.
Please support handmade products and housewives doing business...hehe

Monday, April 12, 2010

New AZALEA in the shop

I'm just updating my products in little-iro-iro...
These was made few days ago and had upload it in my shop little-iro-iro...
Do come and visit my shop for more details!

P/S: Currently I'm making a triangular coin pouch (JAJA) with new fabric, will update later, okay. So stay tune (^.^)
Thank you for supporting handmade stuff.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pinky stripes fabric is officially finished!!

I've done making 2 mini pouches - AZALEA, today. And this pinky stripes fabric is officially finished. YAY! (Yang...can I buy new fabric now? - A dialogue to hubby - in mind only huhu...)
More details in my little-iro-iro shop, okay.
Hmm...what to do next?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mini pouch - AZALEA

I was supposed to finish up the whole fabrics first before I upload the pics, but, couldn't wait another day! Haha...
Meet Azalea, my mini pouch for my little-iro-iro shop. I use light blue stripes upholstery fabric and lined it with orange flowery water proof fabric. I added a wooden bead and tie it with a cotton string, attached to the zipper. I also add a black velvet ribbon at one end of the zipper for decoration purpose.
This mini pouch is only 15cm (length) x 7cm (height) x 8cm (wide). Therefore it fits nicely in your handbag and carry small stuff...
Want this mini pouch for yourself? what are you waiting for? Grab now, visit little-iro-iro for more details or contact me directly via my HP (sms only)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Simple pincushion for myself

I've just made this pincushion. A super quick 10 minutes project, not to mention, a super easy one! I've always wanted to make a pincushion but I don't really fancy all those complicated kind of pincushion.
And so I cut this heavy cotton fabric 10cm x 10cm and sew. I left about 5cm open to insert some beach sand in it. The sand is use to sharpen up my needles! I know I heard about this sand-thing somewhere, but I couldn't recall where...Hmm...

Another Katsarin...

Well, I'm just so obsessed about using up all the fabrics I have in the box so that my husband will not make faces when I ask him him to buy new fabrics for my shop...hehe...

I must admit, there still a lot of fabrics at home and depending 100% on him for financial is not an advantage for me :(

Oh man! No matter how drooling I am when looking at all those beautiful fabrics in the Internets and local fabrics shop, I just can't buy whatever I want without asking his permission...Unfair!!! Huhu...
(Well, I guess there's always pros and cons in everything, right?)

Alright, alright, enough about all that, if you want to know more about Katsarin, just click on my blog shop logo...All details and more photos of it there...

Happy...happy...surfing and buying! (^.^)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New product on my little shop - Katsarin 02

I just finished Katsarin shoe bag cum wristlet pouch. It's a design from Japan, a nice and simple design which I think also suitable for wristlet or pouch. I use 2 thick upholstery fabrics. I attached d-ring at the handle and also a novelty buttons from button planet - their buttons are so so so cute!
And since it's fabrics are thick, I didn't add any interfacing. Well, more info on my blogshop, little-iro-iro!
I'll upload a pink stripes version of the Katsarin bag tomorrow, okay.
Happy surfing!!
P/S: One more thing, I'm planning to make gifts for my daughter's teachers in school for Teacher's Day and also planning some new designs for my shop for this upcoming Teacher's Day and Mother's Day and Father's Day, do you have any idea what to make? Please let me know or you can tell me at my blogshop's CBOX for more easier way to post any idea, ya!