Thursday, November 25, 2010


Origami has always have a special place in my heart. Seeing a piece of paper or more transforms into lovely crafts has fascinate me in its own way. I used to make origami when I was younger but would always disappointed in the outcome. I then buried the hobby and always hesitate when came across the origami books in bookstores. I just don't want to feel the same disappointment and wasting money on buying books that I know will end up in the shelves. Dust.

But when I see the paper folding flower in KhamJoeDesign blog, I fell in love again with origami. The flower looks just like Sakura. I did some blog walking, not that I was looking for the flower but still, in my mind, the desire to searched for the name (Kham did mention that she didn't know the name of the origami flower) of the flower is strong. I found this tutorial for making the Kusudama flower in Folding tree's blog. There are a lot of tutorial links in the blog from origami making to cards making, I think all tutorials are more to paper crafts.

Isn't the flower beautiful? My daughter add a simple leaves and glue it to the flower

Hope you'll enjoy the link and happy origami to all!

P/S: Kham, the name of the flower is Kusudama flower :)

A cloche hat

Hello readers,
Oh, I am in the mood to refashion my shop, new banner, new packaging, new label (I hope (-.-)). Just getting ready for everything, planning to release new concept by 15th Dec. Arghh...hope I will not disappointed, tho.
Well, not in the mood to sew new stuff for the shop but my hand itch to sew something. I was browsing thru my books and came across the cloche hat. I love hats. I always wear a hat whenever my family and I travels. So, I made one for myself but then I learned that, using stripey fabrics is totally not a good idea when making hats, at least not for me..haha..
I love the outcome. The belt details on the hat and the head part (not sure what its call) rather than a normal round. This hat is full of darts detail. I think I'm going to make another one once I find suitable fabric. Never feel comfortable in a store bought shop before, this one fits perfectly on me!
My girl modelled for me here as I'm too shy to model in front of my hubby ;)

Do you like to wear hat?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A baby dress

Front view

Back view

Good morning,

I've made a baby dress for Enay yesterday. It is 4 piece pattern for romper but did some modification to the pattern piece and now it is a dress! Why I did the changes was because I don't have the snap buttons to compliment the romper (Am planning to buy the snap button tools early next month, by the way).

It was actually an easy sewing but all seams are securely tuck and hide, just like welt seam. It consume more time sewing this kind of seam but it is suitable for baby wear. I used a stripes cotton gauge material bought in Nagoya clearance sale some time age. I bought a lot of it and with different design. It is a light weight and airy material therefore it is suitable for making children and baby wear.
The closure using stripes of bias binding and all binding was finished with hand sewn for a neater look (but in my case it end-up with not so neat look LOL).
But there is one problem during the making. After I've cut and sewing the pieces together, I noticed that there were holes in the dress. When I checked the fabric, to my nightmare, the holes are along the uncut fabric! It's like it has been puncture with something. These fabrics was supposed to be for my Bangkok Street Sling bag design for my shop. Luckily, it is only on this fabric, the rest of the different design fabrics are okay. Relieved.

The material

Close up view

Enay and Erisa

Sorry for the drooling model :)

The series of holes!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Baby shoes

Hi readers,
I had this don't-want-to-sew-bag fever yesterday. I still wanted to sew but not bags. This always happen to me. I was thinking what I want to sew, since my brain will not stop thinking about what to do next? What to do next? Usually, a very simple and quick project will do.

And then I thought that, I haven't sew anything for my baby girl. Cotton knit is not available in Malaysia and to buy it from online is not something that I can afford of for the time being and so making a dress or baby clothes was not going to happen. But I still need to sew something. But what?! Bib? NO, no reason to, because I only use napkin (baby napkin) whenever I need to burp her.

Wait a minute. How about a pair of shoes? Yes, that will do, great. A pair of baby shoes it is. It was a quick but not an easy sewing. The tiny opening for the shoes gave me a lot work to make sure that the fabrics are align together, neatly. I finished the bias binding hand sewn. The inner sole also hand sewn. I attached laces and 2 pair of ribbons as the shoes lace. It was worth it to see the outcome. Isn't this cute, don't you think? I think I'm going to make a variation of these.

On the proud owner's feet ( I hope she love it, she keep on looking at it when I put it on her)

With her big sister

I love it when she makes her mouth like this. This mean she is being cheeky.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The first time

Front view

Back view
My daughter has 2 Barbie dolls in her collection. But unfortunately, her mommy was too kedekut to buy new clothes for her dolls. They are ridiculously expensive consider it's just for a tiny person, right? I know, I know, it is fashionable and kind of hard to sew the small seam and all. But still, rather than spending money to buy their new clothes, isn't it wise to spend it on our daughter's clothes, right? Well, it's only my opinion.
And since the only dress Barbie have is worn off, I decided to sew a new one. I rip the seams of the dress and iron on a thick interfacing. Easy to trace the pattern on fabric this way. I choose scraps from my stash and just sew it. It only took me about half and hour to finished it, and lots of practice and patience needed to sew the dress. It was an experimental sewing so I didn't sew the seam around the neck line, just pinking shear it. And add the Velcro for closure and waa-laa. Done!
NOTE: I hope to add some embellishment on the next project to sew Barbie's dress :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm doodling again!

I used to doodles. I doodles about everything I had in mind and usually it's spontaneous. It started with a single line and can be as big as A4 size! It helps me to focus and fill my boredom.

After I started sewing, I've forgotten all about doodling until recently I visit azreenchan's blog

My first doodle

Check this out. It's azreenchan's header. Inspiring, yes?

How can it's not inspired me to start back doodling??? And definitely will post more on doodling if I'm so bored with sewing *wink.

This pic below is also my inspiration (>.<)

Joining the giveaway!

I love giveaway. But I hate disappointment :( Well, some people win, some people don't, right? Oh well, I hope to win one of these, as long as I win either one will do. Aish, do I sound desperate. Goshhh...:P

Hop on to FELTRALICIOUS to join the fun! I hope I win. LOL.