Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pencil case

I've made this pencil case yesterday, a very quick and easy project. I don't know why I made it, it's like my brain has mind of its own. I simply took out my leftover batik sarong fabric and some other fabric for lining, searched for the right size zipper and my hand started measuring and cutting and sewing...The result, quite okay.
I hope this happen regularly because sometimes I do feel lazy to start measuring and cutting out the fabric...I also added a handle for...err, easy to carry? As I told you before, I didn't plan to make this pencil case. It was my brain...!! My brain!!

My daughter kept on asking to whom I wanted to give the pencil case to? I had no idea...But I guess, it was meant for her.


The last two days our children have been down with fever. It’s because of the trip to Kuala Terengganu – Kedah – Kuala Lumpur – Dungun and also spending so may hours in the children swimming pool (the one that can inflates and deflates pool) I also blamed the super hot weather while we’re in Kedah and then spending days in air-conditioned hotel room (it’s a recipe for disaster!!) So, yesterday evening my husband decided to take the children to the beach to let them play and sweat. These are some of the activities that they did together at the beach. I wasn’t in the picture because I just love to see them running around and have the good time together.
I wish all of you are in good health and happy. Take great care of your health, ya! Bye!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby chick - The new experience!

Have you ever seen a baby chick hatched from its shell? I have!!
A few weeks ago, a hen laid eggs under our house in an ice container full of junks! (Don’t ask me, it’s not mine) There were about 12 eggs altogether. At first, five chicks managed to hatch but unfortunately only two had survived. I took the two chicks inside our home every night for several nights to prevent cats from eating them.
And one morning, as usual I took out that two chicks out back to their mommy, when suddenly I heard a very slow chick voice out of nowhere.
I searched high and low for the voice, even dig all those dirty stuff in the container when I suddenly spotted a moving beak through a small hole of one of the eggs (The only place that I didn’t even think of looking for it...sigh). But I thought it may come out by itself, and so I let it be.
But until that evening, the poor baby was still inside its tiny home. I told my husband (well, actually I was so excited that I’ve told him right after I saw it that morning (^J^).
He went down and took the egg out. He told me to break the shell, but I was sceptical and also felt weak all of the sudden just thinking about holding the fragile little creature...urgh, you know the feeling, right?
And so he break the shell a little piece by little. Both me and my eldest son waited anxiously as little by little the chick was revealed... It was a mixed feeling...happy – amazed – touched - excited, you name it! It was also an added experienced as I used to be a ‘midwife’ to my young cat when she delivered its babies 14 years ago.
*Sadly, the baby chick didn’t make it because my family and I was away for several days and I blamed myself besauce I wasn’t be able to take care of the baby chick...Sigh.
*But the good news is that both chicks that I cared before are alright and healthy. And when we got back from our trip, a black and white cat delivered 4 kittens in a box in front of our doorstep! Oh wow! Do you know something? It’s exactly the same color as my cat that gave birth 14 years ago...
*I also found out that my pet rabbit (we have a pair of rabbits) is probably pregnant, too! Grin.

My batik sarong maternity blouse

I’ve finished this maternity blouse a few days ago. It’s a bodice alteration from Basic Lydia pattern by Burdastyle.
I’ve made an elbow lenght sleeves, and using my favourite maternity blouse as a guide, I altered a bit of the front piece of the maternity blouse so that when my belly is getting bigger, the front part of the blouse won’t look like it hanging from my BIG belly (if you know what I mean...).
Since I’m too lazy to make bias from the same fabric, I just use black ribbon as the tie-back for the blouse. This blouse is made of 100% batik sarong cotton fabric, even the interfacing is using the same fabric.
Honestly, I like the maternity blouse without the sleeves or probably with cap sleeves. Maybe next time I’ll make sleeveless maternity blouse and add bias binding to finish off the armholes look. I don’t know...maybe...
NOTE: This is the newest creation of batik sarong design. As you can see, the lines are printed with gold color to highlighted the motives/designs. Very rich and creative! I like the new look of batik sarong, how about you?

Friday, February 19, 2010

More pouches!

Ahh...another 6 pouches for my friend's blog. I don't have to described the details again, okay, but I do want to highlight the bamboo tree design fabric pouch.
It's a new design for batik sarong, usually, the batik sarong designs are lame! But this new look had golden line to highlighted the motives on the fabrics, beautiful, I must say. And because the fabric is not heavy, I have to add an interfacing for more sturdier looking pouch...Tell me what you think about this fabric's look? (^.^)

Do visit my shop blog regularly as I'm now officially open my little iro-iro

♥ ♥

Monday, February 8, 2010

It's done!

I've just finished the half dozen cosmetic pouches that I've told you about. It took me two and a half days to complete it, from cutting out fabrics to sewing up every pieces.

I'm proud with the craftsmanship (^.^). I used jacquard (heavy cotton fabric) for the main feature and water resistant fabric for the lining. I attached a handle and zipper for the closure.

All four corners of the pouches were reincforced and attached with bias binding. This is also to maintain the shapes of the pouch.
The pouch is roomy and you can put in all of your favourite cosmetics stuff in it.

Can you see the small label card written nomaliza's iro-iro tied on the pouches? Yeah, that's right, it's for SALE!!! These pouches were ordered by my friend Erne to sell on her blog. She is currently selling cosmetics online and since she already has established customers on her blog, this is also a golden opportunity for me to expand and to promote my coming soon online handmade business.
I hope all of you will support me and support handmade stuff! So please, do visit her blog here if you are so into cosmetics and if you are interested in buying my pouches!

P/S: I hope my pouch 'new owner' will love it!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

♥ Cotton blouse ♥

This is my warm-up project. A cotton blouse. I used Sadie bodice pattern from Burdastyle. For the upper part, I used a thick printed fabric in cream color ( I'm not sure about the material, but it's the same material as my sofa!). And as for the lower part, I used the leftover stach fabric from my curtains! What a combination! (>.<). It's actually a light cotton fabric.

It's supposed to be a maternity blouse when I start cutting the fabrics, but unfortunately it end up as a normal girl's blouse when I sewed it. Oh my, I've gotten fat in just a few months. No...! Well, this is supposed to happen when you are 3+ months pregnant, right? (^.^) And luckily I used cheap fabrics to test the pattern...Pheewww.

Though it may be a bit tight for me to wear it now (still comfy, though), but I think it will be alright to wear it after giving birth, which will be the next 6 months? HAHA..

I'll be using a batik sarong fabric for my next project on the same pattern, since now I know what went wrong, hopefully next time it will come out as what I've planned. A maternity blouse. But first, I have to make half a dozen of cosmetic pouch as a request from my dearie friend to sell in her blog. A business opportunity, I guess? Hmm...

I'll let you know the detail after I'm done with the pouches. Bye ♥