Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trying to sew baby shirt and pant

The baby gift set

The long pant

The tie- on baby shirt

Oh, what happen to me...Suddenly I'm in the mood to sew cute stuff. I found out these patterns on the Internet, a Japanese website (oh, I forgot which one) and thanks to Chie's post few months ago about the party she hosted for her friends, and she made this baby shirt...hmm, am not very sure what it's call in Japanese, and she actually gave it as a present for her girlfriend who was pregnant at that time.

But, as for me, not that I wanted to make these set because I'm hosting a party or something, but it is because I feel that I want to give something special, something handmade for my coming soon baby girl. And so I made these set using a cheap fabric for a test out (because the instructions is in Japanese, so, to figure out everything is really challenging...I did make few mistakes all the way and luckily, I didn't cut the real fabrics that I wanted to use to make the set...

The tie-on shirt is very easy to make. I use a pink sateen bias binding for the neck and a soft cotton like ribbon, I'm sure what it's call and what the use of the material but suits the need for this baby tie-on shirt perfectly!
And as for the pant, I don't really like the finishing...I rather like the diaper pant pattern, you know the one that have an extra wide on the back...usually for new born up to 6 months baby's pants. I hope I can find one pattern for the pant or just tear up my baby's old pant :).
And these are the fabrics that my dear hubby bought in IKEA few days ago when we're in KL that I'm going to use as the baby set gift...Aren't these fabrics lovely...? I think these are so cute...