Saturday, October 30, 2010

I've made new design I nuts?

Hi all,

AM I NUTS? I'm supposed to make more in stock product instead, I keep on designing new stuff. Duhh!!!

I've made a new design wristlet for my shop. I call it Little Milly (the first version called Little Missy)

The pattern is just the same as DEANNA messenger bag, only much much more smaller. I add a center zipper pocket to the front for coins and the main compartment is for hand phone or iPhone or keys or camera. It's actually fits all!

The wristlet handle is using a printed grosgrain ribbon with detachable plastic (black) swivel key and hook. I use Velcro for wristlet main closure and the zipper is by YKK brand (is it the best brand ever...?)

The material are blue black petite minicco for the exterior and English cotton for the lining. Exterior fabric and pockets are both fully interfaced. Go to my shop for more pics :) Oh please, I just want you to go to my shopblog, that's all LOL.

My family and I are leaving for Dungun tonight (Sunday night) as my girl is attending her final exams. Wish her do her best (-.^). Hopefully will be back on Thursday night to continue my sewing work, well actually I still can sew there ('>.<). I still have my sewing machine in Dungun.

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A new design -Pleated Hobo-

The pleated

Plastic slider

I was working out on a new design handbag. No name yet but it's a pleated hobo bag with adjustable handle. It's still not finished just yet as I need to bind it, but unfortunately I don't have the same color bind to go with, need to buy it first.

Let me show you the design first. The bag will be using magnetic button for closure and a simple zippered pocket on a flat pocket inside. But for this bag that I'm showing you here, I decided not to add any pocket. The bag will come a set with its own organizer. Remember the organizer that I've made before? It seems that it is too big to fit in small handbag, so, I need to alter the measurement and materials use.

In this try and error designing, I used a beautiful Swiss cotton (really a pain in the butt to work with if not interfaced) and as for the lining I used pink-light beige upholstery fabric. The lining is fully interfaced, but I think will interface the exterior fabric as well next time.
The bag is pleated on the opening and I still haven't name the bag yet...that will have to wait until it's done, usually the name will pop up automatically in my head during the process :)
Tell me what you think about the bag or anything need to be add, feel free to comment (*.*)

Sunday, October 24, 2010's all started with this book

I bought this book a couple of weeks ago, to let my daughter start her sewing crafts hobby. I googled it on the Internet and went straight to MPH, Maluri to purchased it.

There are few sewing kits in it such as needles, threads, paper ruler, buttons, and 3 2in square small felt. The felt are so small (about 2in square) and I don't even know what to do with it (since the felt craft is so new to me). They must have expected we have our own materials to start off with :(

Anyway, Cha wanted to hand sew, I sew this round shape thing (...I don't have felts), attached a ribbon so that it can be hang and stuffed in with fibre. Cha did the blanket stitch with cross-stitch thread, my fault, it can actually be done with the ordinary hand sew thread (and I did the first few stitches but it was a mess haha!) I've got to improved my hand sewing skill, I just adore paper-and-string sewing skill, very neat and nicely done. Her blog also very colorful and inspiring.
The finished result using cross-stitch thread

The heart shape with a button glue on it. I noticed that her skill has improved in this project.

And this one a tinee weeny heart shape felt craft she did on the same day (see how tiny the felt are, that's the one included in the book I've bought).

She is addicted to sewing now, just like mommy, and I have to buy more felts from now on and some books on felt crafts or probably a cheap portable sewing machine for her. That's need budget calculating (*.*) Well, right now let just focus on felt :)
P/S: Seeing his sister making some sewing crafts, now my eldest son is requesting to make some crafts...he wants to sew!!! Yay...

A tiny update on my baby girl

With her sister, Erisa


Monday, October 18, 2010


I had finished 6 organizers, bulk order from PinkyLady. I'm truly exhausted! Pfftt...but i am happy that I've done it and had post it around 4pm today.

Thank you PinkyLady, hope you'll like it.

Now, I'm back to designing Baby Jue Tote in size M. I am so happy that most of my old fabrics have been used, yay!

I am also planning to produce my products by sets. Hmm, we'll see the outcome, ya?

Tonight, I want to rest before resuming new project early morning (usually I start my work at 4am). Really nice, peace and quiet morning...

Enjoy the pics and good night!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Done some orders...and more orders :)

Hi all,
These are long lost orders that I've just finished 2 days ago. Not so in mood to upload it sooner. It's a custom made Nadiah pouch with added length (29cm). The fabric exterior is using customer's own and the lining is provided by my shop.

2 two pencil cases of cars fabric (pictures shown in previous post) are for her sons also using her own fabric and lining is provided my my shop using black English cotton fabric with white polka dots, fully interfaced. The zippers are by YKK brand.
Currently, I am in the making of 6 organizers for PinkyLady (it's my first bulk order for my shop, so, it was a bit chaotic about everything etc...etc...) So, I'm closing the wholesale order for time being until I've arrange everything to make things smooth.
Hope to finish it by tomorrow...

See you all with the update on the organizers soon.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mood swing again!

Oh dear, again. After finishing all orders. I feel so black-out. Feel blur and blank. It's like I've got no brain. Nothing to process. Tired. And it worries me. I was planning to make something for hours but ended with nothing! And so I need some simple project and a quick one to get the sewing mood back again.

Yesterday, I asked around (my daughter) whether she need anything, and she said that Nas needs a pencil case, and so does Harraz. And then somehow my brain started functioning (thank God) and immediately start with some fabrics cutting, zippers selecting and today I start sewing all together 5 pencil cases (2 for long lost order)! Not bad eh?
And I'm back on my busy...busy mood again :)

New fabrics for my shop...crazily beautiful cotton fabrics!

Morning all,

A couple of days ago, my husband went out for fabrics hunting (weird you think, right?) My hubby? Shopping for fabrics? Yes, and luckily he has good eye for nice and beautiful fabrics selection. But why he went alone? It's all because we can't bring all the kids out especially for fabrics hunting day.
You know how chaotic it will be when they run around and play hide and seek at a very busy place? It will definitely end up without buying anything! And because of children missing cases lately, both me and hubby are becoming control freak over our children. We both will take turn to watch our kids and make sure that they are around, not more than 2 metres away from us. We never shy to yell out their names in the crowd if we didn't see them, just to know that they are around and safe. Better save than sorry...
Oh, okay then. These are the fabrics will be use in my handmade at my shop. Rest assure that these fabrics are from high quality cottons. The fabrics are range between RM28-RM78 per metre and from Japanese Cotton, Korean Lawn, Lawn, Pak Lawn, Printed Cambric, Liberty Cotton and English Cotton. Except for that big polka dot, that is a cheap one!
What do you think about his choices of fabrics...nice eh? Don't you think? He always surprise us (well, especially the kids) with treats whenever he goes out doing errant. And yesterday, he bought lots and lots of accessories for my handmade shop such as buttons, slider, straps, zipper etc...etc. Oh wow, I just feel sooo luckkyyyyy!!!! Thank you dear. He used to be so not-supportive whenever we went for fabrics hunting (because he wanted me to use up all the fabrics stash before buying new one, of course I understand him...but see all that beautiful fabrics without buying them, oh, is just so irresistible, right?)
Okay all, enjoy the fabrics...
The last stripey fabrics are suitable for making Bangkok Street Bag.
For enquiry about anything within my shop and blogs, please contact me thru email at Thank you, and have a nice weekend!

Friday, October 8, 2010

My orders...DONE!

I've finished my orders yesterday, and on their ways to their owners now, ops, except for that big Baby Jue Tote, will send it out today because it's too big to be put in a PosLaju plastic bag, (have bought the PosLaju box yesterday) but had to be put in a box, instead. All will reach their destinations next week. And I hope they like it! If you were wondering what's in the box under the wallet, it's a Bangkok Street Sling Bag a.k.a BUA bag. I forgot to snap the picture of it only realised it when I want to upload it here.

I want to share with you a funny picture of my little girl, Enay with her big sister.

So, what's next? Hmm...

I've made a matching hairband for Cha

Morning ladies (and gentlemen)

Couple of days ago, I've made a matching hairband for Chacha. I use the same fabric as her bag's. I added interfacing and a waistband. It's very easy and simple project. It doesn't look like the store bought type, but, hey, it's okay as long as she likes it and it's wearable! Right?
Sometimes, I wonder why did I spent so much on these stuff for the past years when I can do it myself because it's definitely an easy craft!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

She finally score her goal!

The happy face with her bag (no, actually, I forced her to smile and pretend to be happy with the bag) haha...

Hi all,

Remember yesterday I told you all about how my girl kept bugging me to make one sling bag for her? Yeah, it's done. It had to, otherwise I'll be hearing more nagging from her every 10 minutes! Besides, she always helps me with taking care of her little baby sister and erm, actually she also took care of all her brothers whenever I'm at my sewing table or cutting fabrics or cooking. She is just so helpful and I don't know what am I to do without her. SO, this is a token of appreciation for all her being so helpful as a BIG sister. Thank you, cha-cha (her nickname).
This is a 'shrinkage' version of DEANNA messenger bag. I added a little pocket on the front of the bag and 2 bellows pockets for the interior (can you tell my craziness over bellows pockets by now? haha..). I did use some interfacing to retain the shape of the bag and Velcro closure for the bag. As for the handle, I sew on fabric on the nylon webbing and it suppose to be adjustable strap handle but then again, I'm running out of d-ring and the metal slider. I also add a tiny green ribbon to make it as a personal touch.
This bag will be on my shop for little girls (oh no, not this one, this one is TAKEN! I mean more bag will be on my shop, do you want one?) I'll be selling it at RM38-without postage fee. Do visit my blog for more product view.
I also made these fabric flowers early this morning (..around 4am). Both using different technique. I like the flower on my bag better because if done well, the outcome is nice and looks like a rose, so you see, I need to practice more, now, it just like erm, something 'different' haha...But anyway, I just stitch it on my bag, it looks more girlish that way and I like it the 'messy' look.
...and a little update on my little girl...Enaydia.

..little Enay with her daddy...

Oh well, that is how I keep myself from being bored with sewing the same stuff everyday, now, back to sewing some serious thing now.How is your day today, dear all?