Friday, December 31, 2010

A simple casual-shopper tote


I've made this baby a couple of days ago. A simple and supposed to be a fast project, but, hey, when you have a baby at home, everything seems so impossible to follow the schedule ;) I love this simple tote, it has nothing fancy on the exterior because I wanted to highlight the beauty of the fabric.

Picture taken by an amateur photographer, my 8 years old girl :)

I use an English cotton in green multi polka-dots fabric for the exterior and an upholstery fabric for the lining. It has a magnetic button for closure and a zippered welt pocket inside for small items.

I think this is the first simple design in my shop, usually, all design are complicated and took days to construct them, err...actually this one also despite of its simple design...haha...

Well, I let you see one design first, ya, more to come tomorrow :) And check out more details on this tote in my shop  ♥ e n a y s a ♥.

I did some blog walking, Internet googling and I was so surprised to find out that there are actually the same design fabrics as mine but with cheaper price! ( I mean, not the same quality, of course)  Oh no...Now my clients would probably say that I'm lying with my fabrics quality. *Sighs.

But, how to let people know that they can rest assure that our shop have the finest fabrics? I guess I can't unless they buy my hand made and experience it themselves the quality of our products.

But, as we all know, there are a lot of fake stuff out there, just please be careful when you buy stuff online, make sure you'd done some homework on the seller/quality online or at least check with some buyers that have bought from them, ya! Online shopping might be the easiest way to spend your money but just make sure it is worth it, okay.

Bye for now...HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 (again?)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year - 2011


Wow, tomorrow is the last day for 2010, how time flies. 2010 was not so good to me and am hoping for a better luck in 2011. I want to work hard for my hand made business. I want to be a better person and be a positive thinker.

I want to learn as much as possible in whatever crafts I like and read as much as possible be it craft books, philosophy, history or anything worth reading :)


Okay, now, this is something unrelated to 2011, I want to enter this giveaway hosted by Miyyah-Kertas, isn't it darling? Very nice! She say that it won't be the same design but a bit similar to this, well, whatever the design is, I'm sure it will be as beautiful as this, right? Come on, join the giveaway party at her blog NOW!
Price giveaway at Miyyah@Kertas

Monday, December 27, 2010

First Award from...

...Simply Aku O'gosh. Yay! Thanks you dear.

I've registered myself as her follower few days ago. She is just so funny and made my day every time I read her post. She just blogged about everything that's you never thought about it in her funny kind of speech.

Well, in receiving this award I was supposed to answer some goes...

Apa pendapat anda tentang Simply O'gosh blog?
-Blog yang sangat-sangat menghiburkan. Humble. Kelakar, ada aje info yang remeh temeh di highlight kan, macam dia tengah bosan aje ketika menulis post (org yg tengah bosan aje boleh pikir benda yang remeh-temeh ni :))

-Tempat yang paling nak dilawati?
Korea-kerana mahu membawa masuk segala macam produk crafts Korea yang sememangnya terkenal dengan kualitinya. Juga kerana mahu mengalami sendiri negara 4 musim yang malangnya tak terdapat di Malaysia! Musim sejuk, bunga, luruh dan panas! Erk....panas tak payah kot...ngee..

-3 perkara tentang diri saya?
Saya seorang yang introvert, perfectionist, suka buat koleksi notebook (for doodling, sketching etc) 

Now, I have to TAG someone: azreenchan-because I adore her! muahaha...and Azura (kak Zura)

Please receive the award...thank you!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sketches: Clutch

Hi all,

There's no sewing activities to update for time being. So, I guess I'll update on what I did when I' not sewing. Sketching! Mostly of course I sketched about my bag designs. I like to sketch with pencil. And this one I sketched using PILOT mechanical pencil with 0.7 led. Pilot is always my choice for stationery.

I might start collecting all sort of pencils for sketching (HB, 2B, 3B and all the to 8B) and maybe also, just maybe, will also start buying pens for doodling... :) Will take it a one step at a time...No rush, it's just some hobbies.

This is my sketches on my new launching product in 2011, clutch, probably will be in the shop by end of January. insyaAllah. Late! Late! Late! I know. Details and all make it a snail project. But definitely worth the effort! 

Clutch design

I will post more sketches from now, just to brush up my drawing skill. Have a nice Monday!

Friday, December 24, 2010

A custom made order from Sime Darby staff

A custom made order by the same client who requested the oversize bags on my previous post.
She wanted a hip bag...She is a practical person and I like ideas by practical person, simply because I want to make hand made base on practicality, not by 'nice and beautiful but with no function' hand made. Therefore, every hand made items in my shop have more than 1 way to use. PRACTICAL AND SIMPLE.

From the same materials provided, I've made this hip bag. Definitely will be my next new design list for my shop! The hip bag has adjustable and detachable strap handle and closure by Velcro tab. The swivel hooks that attached on the bag, rather than on the strap made it more useful as you can either use the straps or detach the strap and hook the swivel hooks on your belt loops on your pants and it become a waist bag. At the back of the bag I added an extra function so that it will also hook on your belt (How do I explain this, I have no idea!! Haha) Just look at the pic below and you'll understand what I'm saying :)

The bag measurement are 20cm (wide) x 17cm (height when close)

If you are interested to custom made the same not hesitate to email me. Thanks!

P/S: Puan, I hope you like it, please approve it first before I've made the delivery. Thank you...thank you...thank you...

My two years old son as a model :)

The bag

When open

Strap to attach to the belt

Swivel hooks use to hook on the belt loops

That's all, thanks for dropping by!

A little something from azreenchan

I received this yesterday. It puts a smile on my face when I look at the envelope. Very cute and creative, eih?
I adore her/artwork so much that I always visit her blog whenever she upload new post. But I didn't post comment every time, that will make me more pervert, right? I don't want to scare her ;P

On her previous post, she blogged about she have 4 magnets to giveaway. And so the first four who leave a comment get it, for sure. And guess what, I was the 4th person who commented on the post. I'm getting luckier here...hope for a long time.

The envelope

Her name

Her monochrome business card

The magnet! Cute aih?
Sadly, Azreen, I have delayed your parcel the second time because my husband was in pain the past few days due to consuming a lot of medication, Alhamdulillah he is fine now. He had a chronic migraine. And for that reason, I have broke my promise (again and again. Sigh) He is the one who's doing the trips to post office for me :)

But it gave me a reason, to change my gift to a token of appreciation and also as our friendship
(I like you to be my sister, dear Azreen) Aik, macam nak propose pula...LOL

I would definitely cherish the gift and the envelope as well. Mungkin boleh jual dengan harga yang tinggi bila Azreen dah jadi famous nanti....hehe.

P/S: Sorry ye Azreen, things have never been like what I've plan and please forgive me.

A quick meet with my earliest client

And a HAPPY NEW YEAR-2011's going to be a new year in just few days, how time flies. I have planned my business for next year, hopefully it will be a better year than this year for our family...And hope yours too!

I've met one of my earliest customer few days ago, a quick get to know because I had visitors during her visit. We just met downstairs (my 2 storey rumah kedai) because she bought me daun  inai, a request from me for my husband illness due to consuming too much medication. Alhamdulillah, he is better now.

 And for that I thank you Kak Zura who came all the way from Johor...well, she was on her way to her kampung to attend a wedding, actually. Am not that important for anybody to come all the way just to send me daun inai, right? But she did, anyway, thanks Kak Zura! APPRECIATED!

She is just so warm and friendly, me on the other hand was froze, don't know how to communicate verbally (that's me!). But guess what, after she bought a bag from me few months ago, she is now into bag making!

Congratulations Kak Zura, I hope I'd inspire you to start sewing...hehe...
Daun inai
She also gave me these...aww...I'm so speechless, because I didn't prepare anything for her...Silly me!
But I'm preparing a little something for her :)
Hope the relationship will last forever and may we share lots and lots of knowledge in crafts!

Bag handles

Purse frame

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Free Patterns from HomeSpunThreads

Hi all,

I'm just spreading the word for HomeSpunThreads to enjoy free pattern from her blog...Go now, hush! While offer last!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tutorial on zippered welt pocket

Salam and hi to all readers,
I've been wanting to make some tutorials to share with you all, but never had the time to do so, usually I forgot to snap some pics at the beginning of each process, until yesterday when I was in the middle of making my clutches, I took some time to take some pictures on the zippered welt pocket, the professional style :)

This is my first time making a tutorial, I hope you'll be able to see clearly all pictures with minimal instructions. I'm so not good with words :)

This is the end result, no visible zipper seams.

As usual, draw a rectangle on a piece of matching lining fabric (interfaced the fabric to get a sturdy finish).
In my case I draw a 1.2cm x 16cm rectangle and I'm using a 9in zipper. Draw also the middle line and triangle on each side.

Sew the rectangle using a small stitches (not very small, eh and not too big either)

Then, cut the middle line and the triangle lines, be careful not to cut thru the stitches!

This is how it should look like.

Iron it flat and it will look like this.

Comparing the zipper hole and the zipper.

Now, you'll need to cut a piece of fabric for the pocket in my case I cut the same length of the zipper with 23cm long. The pocket piece will be fold into 2, so, adjust the right length for you pocket, ya!

Now baste the lower part of the zipper to one end of the pocket fabric to secure it, the exterior fabric facing the back of the zipper. Look carefully at the picture on how I assemble the fabric and zipper.

Now, position the zipper to the rectangle hole.

Using the zipper foot, sew the lower part of the zipper and secure stitches with back stitch.

This is how it will look like.

Baste the other end of the pocket fabric. please secure the opening of your zipper to minimise your headache when sewing the zipper on the lining later. Now, finish the other 3 corners of your welt box pocket.

Later, sew the 2 sides of your pocket to secure it.

And there you have it, your very own boutique style zippered welt pocket.

Hope I'd help you here in making you very own zippered pocket. Please read it a couple of times or more to understand and visualise every steps in this tutorial- just take it as you are viewing a tutorial from a Japanese blog...haha...

Thank you for visiting!
If you have any questions or comment, just email me or leave your comment here.

Friday, December 17, 2010

An interview with Azreenchan

Salam and hi to all,

This is my first time interviewed a blogger. The reason why I do this is to promote creative blogger out there and to promote my hand made as well (a little gift will be given to those participate in this programme).

This is Azreen a.k.a as azreenchan. The talented and a very cute, adorable doodler. Yes, that's right, she doodles! I'm not sure how I'd landed on her blog but I am so fall in love with all her artworks. I am now officially her blog stalker hahaha...!

MEET AZAH AZREEN a.k.a azreenchan
Azreen, the sweet doodler
Let's read more about her, shall we?

-Describe something about you.
I usually express my feelings thru drawings. That's why my drawings are all tangled and mixed and came from every little things around me. But I don't even know how to explain my drawings! Because it is a mixture of everything. When I draw, I can be quite serious and only focus on that - my drawing session can take hours, days. Sometimes I even skip my dinner ( yes, it's not healthy :p )

-What was the first doodle you made?
First doodle? I've been doodling for fun since school. I used to have 'buku conteng' and passed it around in class with a group of friends.

But in this business? Well, I remember the first thing I sold is doodle on file box to Miss Husna. I felt excited, then I started selling my stuffs online afterwards.

-What role does doodling play in your life?
It's quite important now. I know it can go far if I work hard on it. I want it to be something fun and yet at the same time give benefits to me & others. So that I don't do things with no purpose.
Love those details on her artwork, inspire me to be more patience and detailed in making and designing my hand made.

-What is your favourite and what is your least favourite thing about doodling?
Favorite : I can just pick up a piece of paper and doodle right away because there's no rules. I don't have to think. I used to doodle when I'm on the phone talking with my friend, and unconsciously doodle random things. That's just awesome, I mean how our mind can work without us focusing on something.
Least favorite : Nothing! because it is for fun :)

-If you could made something (anything doodling on what materials) for anyone who would it be and what would you make?
Haha. I usually give my doodles to my friends. I hope they like it though. I give to random peoples too ( I offered in my facebook page & send it to random people just for fun ) On papers, boxes, tissue paper. Doodles can be fun!
Adorable, yes?
-What is your motto?Keep on learning & make an effort!

There you have it. I know you'll be her blog stalker once you've finished this interviewed. Haha...Go on, visit her blog here and be her facebook follower NOW!

P/S: Azreen, your little gift will be on its way this Monday, so sorry with all the delay, very, very hectic weeks...Thank you for sharing and sparing some time for the interview.

NOTE:Are you interested to be my next guest blogger...? Drop me a comment here and link me to your blog.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Custom made Baby Jue Tote and Organizer

Hello and Salam to all,

I've just sent these two bags for my customer (I prefer to call my customer as client, more professional, yes?) She wanted to upgrade both bags to bigger size than the original. Both using her own fabrics which are obviously from IKEA, no need to introduce. She also requested a simple handle, rather than my trademark handle which are the sew on nylon webbing. The interior fabric are okay but I did have some difficult time sewing the exterior fabric because of the materials. But I did my best to sew as neatly as possible. Took me 6 days to finished both bags. Truly exhausted! Further more my son (the witty 2 years old boy) did some 'mechanical engineering' experiment on my sewing machine and in result, the upper thread is loose! Arrrr....It took me several hours to have that nice end result back.

I'm now open orders using client's own fabrics but first, they must send me a 4 x 4 inch fabrics sample for me to decide whether I can sew using their fabrics, or else the result won't be satisfying. Please don't blame me when that happen :(

BABY JUE TOTE ORGANIZER - becoming the baby tote

Same features with added sling adjustable strap

Changing the sides pocket to bottle pockets with stretch band. Rather than the usual bellow pockets on the exterior bag, both pocket now are on the inside. The pockets are simple pleated.


Same features on both exterior bag

Large compartment with flap

I've made a zippered welt pocket instead of stylish pocket on actual Baby Jue tote

2 bellow pockets, small swivel hook and a small pocket compartment for small stuff (I forgot to snap picture on that! Silly me...)

Right, hmm...both bags are interfaced with both medium and light fusible interfacing. To be frank, these are really huge bags. One is 45cm x 35cm x 15cm and the organizer cum baby bag is 13cm x 33cm x 3cm. I  really hope she will like it :)

I do like the vibrant colors, tho! I feel very happy to see those colors and so does my little girl...

Doesn't she looks excited LOL
Have a nice day all!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

An interesting poem

Hi all,

I came across this poem while visiting NC's Hand made blog. It is indeed a very interesting one! Read it. I wonder if our husband think of us the same, too?  ;)

My Wife, the Quilter

She learned to quilt on Monday. Her Stitches were very fine.

She forgot to thaw out dinner, So we went out dine.

She quilted miniatures Tuesday. She says they are a must.

They really were quite lovely, But she forgot to dust.

On Wednesday, it was a sampler. She says the stripling's fun.

What highlights! Oh what shadows! But the laundry wasn't done.

Her charm quilt was on Thursday. Green patches, blue and red.

I guess she relly was engrossed; She never made the bed.

It was wallhangings on Friday, In colors she adores.

But she never seemed to notice the crumbs on all the floors.

I found a maid on Saturday! My week is now complete.

My wife can quilt the hours away; The house will still be neat.

Well, it's already Sunday. I think I'm about to wilt.

I cursed. I raved, I ranted The MAID has learned to Quilt!

Friday, December 10, 2010

5 more days to go...

HURRY! 5 more days to go before my shop SALE is close. Limited item only. Especially the Baby Jue Tote is now 50% off. You'll never get this price again.

Monday, December 6, 2010


I'm having a huge sale on my shop with all in-stock items must go...Hurry! Head to my shop for more view and email me for more details! Limited items...!

BUA-Bangkok Sling Bag for male

I finished this bag yesterday and it was sold! I love the bag, I can't imagine who's not? Well maybe an extreme fashion followers don't. It is indeed a simple bag that can load a lot of stuff. The materials are cotton. I think it's cotton gauze, but not very sure.
It has flap pocket on the exterior bag and a flat pocket inside. I use wooden button for closure with fabric hook.

The bag

Happy sewing all!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lion head

Assalammualaikum and hello to all readers,

The title sound weird today, you were asking? Well I just finished sewing a Bangkok Street bag a.k.a BUA, but it still need a button for its closure, I'll brag about it tomorrow. Today, I want to introduce to you all my pet rabbits. They are Juju and Jujie. They are lion head bunny rabbit. They are so adorable with long fluffy fur. Juju is a boy and Jujie is a girl.

Actually I have another pair of rabbits back at Dungun. And because the cage are huge, we just have to leave them there for awhile and somebody there take care of them.

About Juju and Jujie, they are very active but gentle. They do bites...sometimes...if they were hungry, of course, but most of the time, they were just like cats. Our kids love them so much, but I'm the one who takes care of everything. Sigh...okay, maybe some other time my husband volunteer to help.   

Most of the time they were kept in their cage. Don't worry all, I never let them in my sewing room. :)

 Jujie (the white bunny) and Juju (the grey one)

Aren't she adorable? I mean me. Kidding, of course the bunny :)

P/S: I want to start my own tutorials on sewing, I think it's about time, right? But, I'm not sure what to start first. What do you think...?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

LILI - Water bottle carrier for kids

I've finished the water bottle yesterday. It's a fun sewing project. But just as I'm so excited to sew more, now...the webbing handles are out of stock. Yikes! I hate when this happen. Since the handles are bought online, I have to wait a couple of days before I can resume on making more.

Please go to my shop to buy hand made stuff by me. Who knows, I might be generous enough to give more discount! Ha.

Oh, yeah, about the water bottle carrier, I use Japanese cotton with strawberries all over. Very sweet and beautiful fabric, remind me of Cameron Highlands! The handle is soft pink and I sew on bias from same fabric. The lining I use light beige stripey fabric. The water bottle is for kids as the handle is a bit short and if you want it for yourself, drop me an email, okay :)

The water bottle fits small mineral bottle , it's a bit bigger than the mineral bottle. Hop on to my shop for more details.


Joining the Sew & Crafty Swap

Good morning all,

I'm joining the Sew & Crafty Swap at Sew Retro Chic (click on the title and it will direct you to the blog!) This is great because we get to know new friends and exchange links and stuff. Come on, join. I'm sure we'll have fun!

I wonder who will be my partner in this swap...hmm...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Water bottle carrier

Hello readers,

I've made 2 water bottle carrier as requested by my loyal customer. These are for her two sons. I had always neglected when it come to make something with round base, but now I love it! It's easy to make the measurement when you know how to calculate the circumference of any sorts of round things. I did use a large portion of fabrics before it came out perfectly. Ha!

The stripey fabric is customer's own and it is a really painful to work with when using my design. The fabric has, what I call 'bones', because if there is a mistake in folding the fabric, when you sew it, you'll notice your stitching become croquet....which will happen if using any fabrics. I have avoided buying these kind of fabrics now.

Another thing is, the fabric may look beautiful when you buy it but, it worn out very quickly even when you haven't wash it yet. So beware when buying fabrics online. Make sure you the materials of the fabrics you are buying because as far as I know, the fabrics are quite expensive selling online (about RM12/m). To me, it is just not worth it!

The bottom view

So, anyway, I SMSed my customer that, if it's okay if I make another water bottle carrier with my own fabrics? Luckily for me, she agreed. Thank you Kak Zana. It saves my life and time!

The first one, the stripey is patched with blue black petite minicco and the lining with beautiful soft (but I interfaced it) baby blue polka dots pak lawn.

And the second water bottle carrier are using IKEA animal print fabric and patched with black base with white polka dots, and lined with the same polka dots fabric.

Handles are adjustable and detachable. I use cotton twine for the drawstring and secured it with wooden beads.

Do you like it?

The design are made by me and will soon be upload in my shop blog ♥ enaysa ♥
The measurement for the water bottle carrier are on my blog shop. Visit here for more details.


P/S: Kak Zana, I hope you like it, what more important is, I hope your sons will love it!