Monday, January 31, 2011


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Tutorial: Bellow pockets (my way)

Good morning all,

It's very cold today and very refreshing. I woke up a little late than I supposed to, about 4.40am, I'd plan to start my day at 3.30am, not that I'm an early riser, but that's the only time I can sew without being distracted by my kids, especially little Enaydia.

I had make a promise to post a tutorial yesterday on my fb status on how to make bellow pockets, my way, of course! I love bellow pockets, you can see my obsession on bellow pockets almost on my every bag collection!

So, while making the handbag/car organizer for my shop today, I'll show you how to make the bellow pockets. The neat version...haha...

This is a pictorial tutorial. Less instructions. I hope the pictures will guide you through the process, and click at the picture to enlarge it if you can't see clearly.

My tutorial showed here is how to make 2 pockets on 23cm wide bag body (add 1cm for seams allowance to all 4 corners).

* I use 1 cm for seams.

-For a 23cm (without seams allowance measurement) bag wide, you have to minus 1cm to create the pocket (23cm - 1cm = 22cm -pocket measurement, without seams.)

-From 22cm, divide it to 2 (since we're going to make 2 pockets) and you'll get 11cm measurement for each pocket.

-Now, look at the picture carefully. I'm drawing my pattern on an interfacing because I'm using soft English cotton. If you are using thick cotton/linen, there is no need to use interfacing, okay.

First, measure about 3cm-3.5cm. Notice that there is another line crossing those two lines?
That will be a seam line to sew the 2 pieces together. (in pic no. 9)

Now, measure 1.5cm, this will create the pocket depth

Measure 11cm here for the pocket

There are 4 columns here. Each column are measures at 1.5cm.
Oh, I've lost one pic here, after you create that 4 columns, measure another 11cm for pocket.
Remember, we are making 2 pockets here!

Another 1.5cm column

And another 3cm-3.5cm column

Cut 2 pieces for pockets. Same size. But, I usually cut another piece bigger because I don't want to waste my time measure the same thing all over again which I can do it easier later.
 Will go to that later.
Notice here that the another piece was not interfaced.

Right side facing each other.

Sew on the seam.

Now, iron it flat.
I'm using a silk setting on my iron to prevent the interfacing from shrinking if the setting is too hot.

Fold at the joins and iron again.

Sew at the joining, I use the inner line of the footer to guide my sewing therefore,
 I don't need to use zipper footer or smaller footer scale seam footer to sew near the edge.

This is how I guide the stitching using normal foot when sewing near the edge.

The stitching.
Again, using the footer as my guide, I stitch another line.
A lazy way of sewing, so you don't need to draw a line to sew this...haha!

This is how it will look like.

See the extra fabric there? The one that I've talking about in pic no. 7?
You can now trim off the extra fabric.

Now, we will start sewing the first and last line  of that 4 columns as shown.
And it will look like this.

Take both lines that you have sewn just now and bring it to the center...

PICTURE 21 so, and you can iron it to let it sit still.

Now stitch both end.
 This is how it will look like from back view (inside pocket view).

Now fold the line that I showed here on both sides and stitch.

This is how it will look like. Alone.
You can now place the pocket onto the bag body.
Center the pocket and adjust accordingly.

Don't forget to stitch at the center of the pocket to create a divider.

Secure pocket pieces to the bag body piece with a stitch using sewing machine.

This is how it will look like on the bag body.

And this is how it will look like on a finish bag, of course, mine here is not lined yet.
There you have it, a neat bellow pockets...!
Please read it again and again to get the picture as if you are using Japanese book, okay ;)
Hope I've help you here and if have comments or something that you don't understand, do not hesitate to let me know ya!

Have a nice day and happy holidays to Wilayah Persekutuan residents!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Looking back during those time

Good morning all,

I was browsing on our old photo files this morning. Looking back Erisa and Nas and of course Harraz were little, Hadif and Enay also included. I wanted to share some of those memories with you guys (since I don't have sewing stuff to share at the moment, the sewing mood was somehow blocked! *sighs)

These are some photos when Erisa was about 1 years and above:

At our little accessories shop in Jitra.
All accessories bought in Haadyai, Thailand

A happy little girl.
Very  'selekeh' girl she is still now...haha

At home...we moved a lot and this was in Jitra.

Love her curly hair and big eyes and at the back is Nas, also wearing hair clips haha....My bad...

Erisa a.k.a as Chacha

Wearing all accessories :)
And also Nas during those very chubby look:

This was taken also at my shop when he was about 6 months plus.
If you notice, there is a red mark on his lower lips ;)
Chinese people used to say it brings 'ong' haha...

Very chubby Nas :)

In his walker

Oppsss...I like to put those hair clips on him :D
Harraz, the baby face look (until now!)

This was taken when we stayed in Cameron Highlands about 2 years ago, and now, we're moving back there!

Wink ;)

He got the sweet smile :)

Hadif in Cameron Highlands

When he started crawling, we had to moved everything out of his way...

Noticed that he has different skin tone from the rest of the family haha...
But he is truly one kid than can play with anything...even with a piece of shredded paper

Hadif and daddy at Convent Tanah Rata

And last but not least, Enay, our latest baby :)

Our sweety with two pusar
She smile
She closed her eyes? Err...

Our moment during Haadyai trips. We really enjoy going there. we used to went there a lot to searched for accessories, bags and etc to sell in our little shop. And it had been 3 years since our last visit. my husband had promise to take us there in March. Can't wait. Fabrics hunting, accessories, beads, crystals,'s heaven...luckily we both (hubby and I) share the same interest in finding great items :)

Oh, furthermore Hadif and Enay had never been to Haadyai before, so this is the perfect time to do so...and surprisingly those Thais girls that work in the mall and shops are great with kids :). Nas used to be the center of attactions when we went there the last time ;)

But pictures are only in hotels...alaa...thought I have plenty, never mind, next time will snap lots and lots of pictures of Haadyai :)

This is Erisa
Cha and Nas
And these was a holiday trip to Terengganu. Since my husband is a free-lance writer, he likes to do his work where ever he wants!

Me, preggy with Harraz.
On my laps is Nas and Erisa at front
We actually rent the whole boat to tour around, not sure where,
 just to avoid the crowd and let the kids enjoy themselves

My husband and the kids

Me, the selekeh mama haha and still am...with Nas.
That's me actually, never bother to wear make-up :)
But I love to have natural, glow, beautiful skin instead :)
 Our anak-anak angkat from Bukit Jalil Traning Centre. They are very sopan and very nice kids! They spent their evening time at our home in Cameron during their yearly training there. We had fun buat cucur, playing with my kids, talking. And they are like family to us...hopefully to see them soon.

Puteri and Hadif
Liyana, showing off her souvenir bag she'd received from Commonwealth game in India if I'm not mistaken.
 There are few more kids not included in the picture. A Malay, Chinese and Indian boys, they were  busy playing PCs game :) They played basketball with husband whenever they had time.

Hope you guys enjoy the photos.
Happy Sunday to all!