Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inspired design by keykalou


Made this just now. Inspired by keykalou pocket clutch. I don't have enough money to buy her pattern (haha! what kind of alasan was that?) I print out the design and mu husband drafted the pattern, so, basically, it is keykalou's inspired pattern but both of us did our own sketches and design...can we claim this as ours? Hehe...

This is actually very petite wristlet cum clutch. It has a pocket in the front and the closure is kind of unique, don't you think. Oh, keykalou have so many inspired design over her etsy shop. Envy!

Ah, forgot to mention, this design was requested by a regular client from UIAM. I hope you'll like it *grin. And please approved it yes? hehe...

Attaching the body and lining was really challenging as the clutch opening is very small, but luckily it turns out to be neat as I wanted it to be :)

Fully interfaced with fusible interfacing, I attached a strap as requested. A black button for fun (can I say that?) Magnetic button for closure, high quality English cotton in black floral design and a canvas lining.

Just had to blogged this hehe...
Ah yes, my Service giveaway is now officially closed.
Will announce the winner...yawn. tomorrow...good night!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Handbag Organizer (SOPHIE)


Surprisingly this project finished in 3 hours (plus the interruption by our kids and errand along the way). Love the fabric as it was kind of easy to handle. Must make more stuff using this fabric, if you'll like to order something from this fabric, make it quick, because I know, when I like certain fabrics, it's going to finish fast! Haha...

Ops, this is a handbag, using high quality English cotton inside out, fully interfaced with medium fusible interfacing. it has multiple compartment and pen slot as well.

Hope to my shop for more details :)

20 goodie bags (I had give a ridiculous price!)


Made these small sling bags for birthday requested by a client in Sime Darby. As usual, I'm poor in visualize things and therefore I had put a very ridiculous price for all of these. bad and 'rezeki' for the client, I guess :)

But at least I had the experienced to make bulk orders, right?

These goodies bags are for 4 years old kids. Complete with lining and Velcro tabs, not to mention its sling as well. I was blessed with the fabrics that cooperate well I actually took 1 day to complete all. Wow. Never expected it!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ops! Forgot about Kartika


Totally forgot to blog about this...hehe...A large version if Kartika (2 inch wider than normal design) using an English cotton, kind of woven stripes fabric, don't know how to describe it :)

My client request a pocket inside. Other than that, everything pretty much the same. I hope she will like it. Thank you!

The inside pocket
Have a happy Monday to all!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The longest ever!


I took more than a week to make the bag, Baby Jue Tote. Insane, yes? I don't know what went wrong, Too much error and too much unpick stitches, everything was done twice! Even I fell ill twice during the making. I don't have mood in few days and had disappoint my client (though she repeatedly say that I can take my time to make it) but, a promise is a promise. More than a week to deliver ones bag is too long, at least for me and my shop policy.

This unexpected problem caused a big delay to all orders and am try very hard to make sure all clients to receive their items before next month. And all orders for this month are closed until further notice!

This Baby Jue Tote is more sturdier than before as I lined it with fusible interfacing + canvas, because the exterior fabrics is super soft and if iron on fusible interfacing caused the wrinkles on the fabric. And for all bags using super soft fabric will be lined with fusible interfacing + canvas/medium interfacing.

This tote comes with added detach shoulder strap. All features are the same and will cost a little bit more than normal Baby Jue tote. Oh yes, I decided to pair the tote with matching Kartika.

Baby Jue Tote + matching Kartika

Attachment for detach shoulder strap
 just like Owen Office Tote
Will upload more on next order done :)
Till then, have a relaxing weekend!

P/S: So sorry to all client for the delay :(

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nadiah pouch done this morning *grin


Done this boxy pouch early this morning. The pouch is fully interfaced and using swiss cotton for the exterior and English cotton for the lining. The pouch is big enough to hold all essentials and really neat for travelling :)

There is one flat pocket inside to put your panty liner pads or maybe receipts or whatever you want to put in :).

4 gathered HP cases (finalize)


The 4 gathered cases which measurement was finalize, done yesterday evening. It was a great relieve for me to finally finished these as the material given were really a pain in the butt to work with. Haha!

These are the materials that were banned in our fabrics stock. If you had not notice, these type of fabrics looks really nice but are actually faded quite fast just by iron it.

So, we no longer use these kind of materials and will not accept fabrics from clients using these fabrics. Apart from that, the materials also jeopardizing my craftsmanship. And I really hate to create such low quality hand made *sighs. I think I had stressed out about these materials in more than 1 post already...haha...

That's are the reason why I ask all clients to email me the fabrics materials before I agreed on their order :) Or else, you'll be wearing a low quality craftsmanship from me :(

Monday, April 11, 2011

Made this on time


Ahh, really glad I've made the bag on time as the client wanted to give the bag to her sister in Sabah. She ordered 2 Owen Office tote and 2 Kartikas.

It was supposed to finish days ago, but since the fabric (restock of the pastel flower fabric and more new fabrics updated) so, it was delayed until yesterday. I hope she will like it :) I also add in free gift.

Oh, did I mention that I've started my 2nd giveaway at my shop blog? Head up to little-iro-iro for more info, join in the fun as you will not regret it :) Giveaway end on 28th April, 2011.

Owen Office tote

Her orders :)
Big orders eih?  :)
Thanks Mam!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New members in the family!

3 healthy bunnies


We are very happy especially our children upon the new family members in the house! They are Juji's baby bunnies. We didn't know that she gave birth until 3 days ago, I heard a scratching sound behind the cooker cabinet. I thought it was cockroaches! Eww...but bravely I try and peek thru the crumpled newspapers and then I saw a big flappy ears. Ah! Bunnies! i was over-whelmed and ask my husband to reconfirm (I still think it was baby mice!)

And so, he checked and confirmed. And they are healthy and fat. Juji allowed me to touch the babies and feed them in front of me! was the most calming and happy moment for me and am truly honoured! Rabbits or cats usually doesn't like us to touch their babies as they will either ignore the babies or move them to other hiding spot.

Oh and I have uploaded new fabrics bought from cottonzone yesterday. You can view it here at little-iro-iro facebook page

Thank you and happy Monday!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Made this at 4am

Good morning,

Made this hand phone gathered clutch early this morning. It was a quick sewing  task but I really don't like making small stuff such as this. It was way too complicated to assemble and jeopardizing my craftsmanship.

I used client's own fabrics both external and internal. Zipper closure and detachable strap. I am still waiting for a confirmation of the size, though. I'll be accepting orders for the design, however, the size must be bigger than 7' x 5'.

6 Kartikas and 2 custom made wristlets in 2 days work!

Good evening all,

The past few days and the coming days, I'll be a very busy bee...Finishing orders from many unexpected clients. I thank Allah for the rezeki that He provide to our family the past days :) My plan is to finish everything within this week and deliver to all clients, by late early next week.

So far I've done 6 Kartikas, one had been delivered to its new owner. And also 2 wristlets for my dear old friend, Nisa. And now I'm making a custom design, gathered clutch :)

All products here are fully interfaced and using English cotton except for the strawberry print, it's a Japanese cotton.

Pay it forward 2011

I am joining vivatveritas 'Pay It Forward 2011' It's a chain mail about friendship and sharing
These are quote from nette's blog:

The chain mail was started by nette and this is her quote;

"The first five people who comment on this blog post will receive a handmade gift from me.
The only requirement in return, you must FIRST write a blog post explaining 'Pay It Forward 2011'.
Then, about the most exciting part, make and send a handmade gift to the first 5 visitors who comment and commit to do the same.

So here is the fun part: I would love to extend this cause, but modify it a bit. My version will work so that the first 2 visitors who comment and commit to do the same, 'win'. But only applicable to them who is staying within Peninsular Malaysia only, so sorry, I couldn't afford the expensive shipping cost for worldwide.

I'm also going to make hand made gifts for only 2 people! Chie, I'm cheating here LOL 

The gift will be a combination of the my products. I didn't plan it yet because I was so excited to join Chie's 'give away'...

Looking forward for your comments...

Monday, April 4, 2011

A custom made clutch order and a gift


I am in the middle of making 6 Kartikas, this clutch was done yesterday and it was the first time making clutch with added zipper closure. I was nervous during the making and had been searching for the right and neat zipper attachment quite some time. The outcome was alright but I bet I can make a better one in the future.

I do hope it fits the tab, though (I'm not really sure what's a 'tab', haha...) but I know you all know what it is, right?

The clutch is using Resham lawn, one of the most expensive fabric in my stock...gee. It is soft and beautiful I must say.

The strap is shorter than the usual handbag strap because the client want it to make as wristlet as well. Hmm, clutch is fully interfaced and it also has flat pocket at the back and a zipper pocket inside, as usual.

I hope my client will like it.

Add caption
And this one I'd made specially for my loyal client, Puan Syakirah, it's a gift for her as recently, few orders were from her friends. Thank you Puan, though the bags was promoted unintentionally, but I would love to thank her for that 'effort' :) anyway.

Hope you'll like it Puan Syakirah.

Kartika pencil case/wristlet