Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hand made!


These are actually a copy paste version from ukhandmade.co.uk and veryberryhandmade blog, it's a campaign they running on the web base in UK, but, what interest me more was the descriptions on why you must buy hand made...It is worth to share with those who plan to buy hand made, especially from my shop haha...

Why Handmade?

It’s friendly… There’s nothing like being able to chat direct with the person who has made the thing you are buying.

It’s fun … Browsing independent shops and store fronts in your local town centre or on the web is so much more interesting than buying from big name shops.

It builds communities … Knowing the person you are buying from builds relationships locally and online too.

It’s sustainable … Many designer makers have a commitment to sustainability, recycling, upcycling, buying ethically, buying organic.

It’s unique (or nearly) … Handmade items are often one of a kind, or one of very few, and every handmade item you buy will have a unique story of its own.

It’s creative … By buying from a designer maker you are paying someone to design more, giving them licence to be creative, telling them ‘go and make more lovely things’. How cool is that – you’re a patron of the arts!

It’s custom-made … Many designer makers are happy to work to a brief that you provide – you can work with a crafts person, share ideas, talk about design, and end up with something totally unique, and totally you.

It doesn’t exploit … You have the confidence of knowing exactly who has made what you’re buying, which is reassurance that a lot of big brands can’t provide.

There you  have it, reasons on why you should buy and support hand made!
Good morning,

A client requested a matching ENADIA clutch for her and daughter. This is my version! I also added pink sateen piping to the flaps of both clutch. And all features are the same except for the daughter's clutch strap is not detachable. I love this fabric, it's a high quality English cotton. It is not in my stock at the moment. Both clutches are fully interfaced. I do hope the client like it, though.

Mother and daughter set clutch

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow Queen - My favourite!

Done with third giveaway prezzies!


I've been neglecting my blogs these few days...Was rushing to finished every order on time but *sighs, it was delayed when I wanted to deliver my hand made to their owners...Argh, kinda frustrating because it will never go according to plan...So sorry to all clients.

This is Mrs. Shubie's bags from Siamesecat. She is the last and final winner for my shop 1st Service Giveaway. It was really fun create hand made from clients own fabrics. I am actually observing what kind of fabrics they like and I also get to know the materials of imported fabrics. And of course, experimenting with new fabric such as denim.

Don't you think it is worth it to enter my service giveaway :) ? Please mark your calender for the next Service Giveaway that will take place somewhere in April, will let you know soon.

Puan Syakirah's Baby Jue messenger bag and Enadia clutch

Puan Azura's Enadia clutch (bigger version) and Ariana tote

That's all for now, making a mother and daughter matching clutch!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I did recently and earth quake in Japan


It was heart wrenching to see the earth quake shook Sendai in The Miyagi Province in Japan. I'm not good in telling or explaining about it, but I would like all of you to read this thru my husband's point of view, very interesting and different from what most people think that it was all a punishment from God.

I  wish my family and I do more to help them but, only prayers that we can afford to give...

*some moment of silence.

As for my sewing project, I've just finished one of Mam Shubie's giveaway prezzie, an organizer, a triangular coin pouch and Little Milly wristlet.

Still have 2 more bags to do...then, I'm kinda free, so, please fill my time with orders! LOL All orders will only take approximately about 1 week to reach you from the day payment is confirm.

Triangular coin pouch

Handbag organizer

Little Milly wristlet

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I've finished this yesterday and to have it post to its owner today. It's a clutch (upgrade version) A polka dots clutch!

This time I have lower the price and added strap features. An adjustable and detachable strap. Head on to my blog shop or little-iro-iro page for more pictures. This clutch is available to order and this polka dots fabric is very limited. If you want the same fabric, please hurry...While stock last!

I have a news to share. I have found a house in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, and will go up and see the house this week, hopefully before the holidays end, my kids will start their new day in the new school :) Hopefully.

Have a happy Monday!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I received and what I finished today


Remember in my previous post that I received unexpected gifts from Shubie (Siamesecats). Here they are! Aren't they lovely :) Really appreciate it, Mam and love...love...love everything!

-2 fabrics
-1 ribbon
-1 purse frame
-ric rac
-a thread keeper (the card stock)
-A lovely note

And this is what I've done early this morning. An organizer fits LV Damier Neverfall tote custom order by a friend :). Thank you!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What I did for the 2nd winner of my 1st ever service giveaway


At last, finished. kak Azura's prezzies. I love her fabrics selection for both bags and really nice to work with. Especially the plain fabric for clutch.

And I just received fabrics from my 3rd winner, Mam Shubie from Siamese catz...meowwww! And her fabrics are beautiful as well, can't wait to work on her fabrics...And she also send me few items as a gifts.

Aww...really didn't expected it, Mam, but thank you, they are just lovely. Will upload the sweet prezzies in my next post. Currently, doing a custom made organizer for LV Damier Neverfall tote bag, requested by a friend (50% done) and hopefully will finish by tomorrow, and another clutch on the way and then will work on Mam Shubie's prezzies...

I'm currently running out of interfacing, oh dear. Oh well, I can have a short break tonight and focus on my house chores, and then will resume back on sewing :)

That's all for the latest update on me. Good night!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My favourite fairy tale


This is one of my favourite fairy tale love story -Snow Queen- a very nice product from Korea. It's a 16 episodes drama about a girl from a rich family who is suffering from an incurable disease and a mathematics genius boxer boy who was devastated over his best friend death.

The lead actor/actress are Hyun Bin and Sung Yu-ri. The drama was beautifully made and I always watch the drama whenever I give up on certain things and I need some motivation to get back on my feet. And never fail every time.

Thanks to my husband who bought the CD's for him, but this is officially mine!!!! Love the story, the plot, all actors and the sad ending...it is just so perfect for me.

The original CD's bought by my obsess husband over Korean dramas

Sung Yu-ri
She sometimes look sweet and sometimes look chubby

Hyun Bin
I secretly admire his nerdy look and acting...muahaha...

Okay, that's all for now, this drama is a must buy if you are a fan of Korean drama...You'll love it!

Done with the first winner project...2 winners to go


Ah, it had been a slow mode for sewing the past days, but now, I had had the routine back, and everything back to normal pace. Relieved. I had finished the first winner for my service giveaway prezzies. A denim messenger bag and a ENADIA clutch. Since there were only 3 participants who entered my first giveaway, I decided to select all three of them to be the winners. And not just that, they all get 2 bags each made by me :)

The reason why I create such giveaway is to make research on what types of fabrics does people want and types of bags the preferred. And also a way to promote my craftsmanship. Not to mention, I like to make people happy :D

So far, from Mam Syakirah's fabrics, I had learn to use denim and for the first time I use the denim threads :) 

Thank you, Mam!

Seriously, it was a pain in the butt to work with thick materials especially when top stitching. But I learn a lot during the making. I also love the lining for the messenger bag.

The clutch was cute using the blue black flower print fabric and lined with polka dots English cotton. Both bags were fully interfaced.

The bags are on the way and hopefully they will reach you tomorrow, Mam. So sorry for the delay.

I'm now in the process of making Mam Azura Aziz's giveaway prezzies. And waiting for Mam Shubie's from Siamese catz..I told you you'll not regret if you enter my service giveaway :) Hopefully to be able to see more participants in my next service giveaway by the end of the month...mark you calender, ladies!!

Okay, bye for now...waiting for Mam Syakirah's photo upon receiving the prezzies...
Congratulations once again!