Monday, May 30, 2011

Another collaboration work!


Wow, another collaboration work with my husband! just the pouch. It's A MEMORY GAME CARDS in a pouch!!!

Have you played the game before? The past weeks, my husband made these for our kids. They love it so much! It's an easy game to play even my 3 years old son joins in too! Haha...

It's a bonding time with your family, especially with your kids. So, if you have nothing to do this school holidays or during weekend, just grab the game and play. Besides, you don't have to arrange the cards by yourself, the kids can do it for you...ehehehe....

And since we love playing the game so much, we thought we'd share the fun with you all! Hop on to my shop for more details.

My husband did the game part. From selecting the pictures, printing them, laminating and cutting the cards with care, while I do the sewing part.

The pouch, as usual, fully interfaced and comes with detachable strap.

The pouch


Friday, May 27, 2011

New design in the shop and few orders done :)

Happy Saturday and chaotic to all!!! LOL

School holidays are officially start today :), but my world are chaotic every day even on school days :)

Yesterday, I managed to finish one new design and 1 in-stock bag. Few days ago was hectic, still, I finished few orders and already delivered to their rightful owner. Alhamdulillah, all of them love what they had order :) Thank you to all.

Let me talk about the new design bag. I call it NYLEA Pleated Hobo Bag. It is really a big bag, and the pleated makes the the bag roomy enough to put all stuff in it! For the in-stock, I use soft English cotton in orang bloom flowers. A really nice fabric! Both ex terior and interior fabrics are fully interfaced for extra sturdy and to retain the shape of the bag.

I add extra detachable strap for extra style of carrying the bag :) I use high quality brass accessories for that purpose. Inside bag has 1 zippered pocket. The bag also use flap and a magnetic button closure.

As for now until 1st June, 2011 this bag is in its introductory price. And also for those who wish to purchase the bag with matching organizer, I'm also giving special price :) but only until 1st June. More info on my blog shop -little-iro-iro-

Happy holidays to all kids out there and hmm....good luck to all parents ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finished as planned!


A set of Baby Jue Tote, Kartika and custom size Enadia clutch. Supposed with a matching wallet, but still under construction! Ha ha...!
These are what I'd been up to the past few days, finally done and ready for delivery! I'm so not being creative to write today, so, all, enjoy the pics! And order! LOL...

Sophie handbag organizer, Enadia clutch and Anissa clutch

The Anissa clutch, with sling!
Have a nice day today!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ANNIE sling bags in the shop!


This week I'm rushing to finish all pending orders, so far 6 bags are in the making, 3 sling bags as shown here were finish about an hour ago.

Another 3, InsyaAllah will finish by tomorrow morning. Naydee, these few days always awake around 5am and by the time she's sleepy, the rest of my children awake, argh...there goes my sewing time! Now, I am struggling to sew and always in standby mode since her sleep pattern is unpredictable. *sighs.

Oh, just to let you all know, both bags have 1 in-stock and also can be remake :)

All the delay for pending orders are giving me guilty feeling. So sorry to all my dear clients! And also to my giveaway winners...Will try my best to finish all within this month.

This morning my bunny rabbit (the previous born), the bushy grayish died. :'( my favourite bunny!
Don't know the caused. Hopefully bunny didn't died suffering...Pity...pity...bunny.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Azreen-chan and vivat-veritas

Good morning!

This is the best week ever! I received 2 parcels from my favourite crafter/doodler. Please meet Azreen-chan from my doodle and Chie, from vivatveritas.

Azreen gave the mirror and a fridge magnet. She doodled a girl with long hair surrounded with flowers (what kind of flowers are these, Azreen?) and a girl's face on the fridge magnet. So lovely and both me and my daughter wanted the mirror haha...but as a mommy (haish!) I just have to gave it to her (tak rela!!) She plays it with her doll.

The lovely doodling items by Azreen-chan

Just to show the mirror's part

Another parcel was from Chie! Wow, really fast shipping from Japan, didn't expected to arrive so soon. I won the Pay It Forward 2011 from Chie. She just gave birth to a baby girl :) aww...cute little girl! And I feel a little bit guilty to have her made a dress for my little girl despite she just gave birth. I hope it didn't burden you much, Chie.

Aside from the sun-dress for Naydee, she also include in a lace zipper and 4 hand made coasters! Thank you Chie. The fact to receive a parcel from oversea excite me, but from my favourite blogger/crafter? Oh wow, it made my day :)

Thank you both of you!!!

A parcel from Japan! (*excited lebih)

Yahoo! A card from vivatveritas

Naydee in her new dress!

Adoring herself in her new dress

Kissing herself? Haha...

Wave goodbye to Azreen-chan and Chie!
Thank you, aunties!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

New design tote uploaded!


Finally. It is done. A collaboration work with my husband. I feel very nervous during the 3 days of making the bag. From designing, drafting the patterns (which was done by him), cutting the templates and sewing (done by me, of course :)) And here it is, the prototype of Jasmine 2 in 1 tote.

Oh, I love his ideas for the bag - Jasmine (and he named it too!) I'm just being generous to let him do the honour of naming the bag and let him participate a lot during the making of the bag (so, we can spend more time together ahaha...gatalnya saya ;))

Front tote view

Back tote view with flap and zipper pocket, back of flap has another slip pocket

With working mamas that carries a toddler and travel in the LRT, in mind, came the idea of making this 2 in 1 tote. While carrying your little one, you can easily turn the tote into backpack :)

I use Thai silk in maroon with stripes. Fully interfaced and layered with plain fabric to add sturdiness.

Side view

Back pack shoulder strap hide behind flap

Oh, please ignore my poor craftsmanship as this is only a prototype. We'll be changing/adding better accessories in time to time.

P/S: But, sometimes it feel really good to sew recklessly and no need to unpick stitches...but only once awhile haa!

Back pack mode

Padded shoulder straps, that's the slip pocket I'm talking about :)

More details in my shop blog little-iro-iro. The design is open for order. It comes in build in organizer pockets inside or separate organizer.

Oh, and the bag has magnetic closure on both mode :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

New design in the shop, open for order :)


Made this early this morning. Inspired by keykalou pocket clutch, oh, her design is so inspiring :) This clutch available in 3 sizes. And this one is medium size. And I call this design Anissa Clutch.

I used a very inspiring and beautiful Van Paolo, England cotton in purple (I have 3 different colours, can't wait to make using another 2 colours) and lined with multi polka dots in purple (English cotton)

Fully interfaced inside out. I add detachable strap. Features are just about the same as keykalou pocket clutch, but zipper pocket  will be added, as requested by most clients :)

I think keykalou's design is much better than mine haha...but, I can say that, I love my design too, especially when my husband put his effort in drafting and creating the pattern template on this new design, too. Thank you so much, Abang ;)

Hope you like the new design, too...hop...hop...hop on to my little shop little-iro-iro now!

Done with wristlet, 10 goodie bags and a clutch


Finished with all these. Pheww...still a lot more to go...Argh...
I will now make orders and in-stock. If I only focus on making orders, my shop will be empty. Hahaha!

P/S: I forgot to take the picture of 10 goodie bags, but the fabrics are the same as previous bulk orders (20 goodie bags) as it is from the same client :)

Happy Mother's Day to all mommies!

Picture from

Friday, May 6, 2011

Such a pain!


Oh dear, making this clutch was such a pain! I don't know why but everything seems to be so difficult. All stitches were unpick and restitch more than 3 times! My client requested to make a zipper closure but I have to skip that because my sewing just refused to cooperate with me! Argh!

Luckily my client understand this and she said okay without the zipper closure. Thank you, Puan. And I think, since the clutch is smaller than the original Enadia clutch, omitting the zipper makes no different. Petite and cute :)

Alright, I'm off to make another bulk order. And more pending orders. Sorry for the delay all clients, my sewing skill have some issue with me...haha...have a nice evening to all.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Organizers and totes


I love working with the exterior fabric. Vibrant red with black mushroom prints by Alexander Henry 2006 collection. My client requested both organizers with matching triangular coin pouch, but unfortunately, the fabrics I received from the client was not enough to even lined the pockets. I bet if all were in red, the organizers will be much better!

The smaller organizer is fully in red while the bigger one had been mix with canvas. I know it was not the best choice, but I had no other option! I added a long stripe for swivel hook on both organizers which was supposedly to attach the triangular coin pouch.

And as for the totes, also a custom made order, used a light weight newsprint fabric inside out and lined with canvas for sturdiness. I also add magnetic button for closure on both bags.

I hope my client will like all of the items she'd ordered. Thank you for your orders, Puan.