Thursday, July 21, 2011



Amizah, from D'Amani Cottontherapy have announced the winners for our 1st collaboration giveaway. Head up to her blog to see whether you are one of the lucky winners ;)

Thank you again to Amizah for your generosity to sponsor all beautiful fabrics! Ahh...really lovely designer fabrics. Please visit her blog for more beautiful fabrics. Amizah, the designs are nice and suitable to make small stuff like what I did for the pressies. It really looks different from using flowers and abstract prints.

I hope we can do more giveaway in the future ;)

CONGRATULATIONS! To all winners!

Pressie...pressie for our 1st collaboration giveaway!


I was up for the giveaway pressies the past days. The giveaway was close on 17th July ago and have yet to announce the winners :) Waiting patiently for D'Amani Cottontherapy to announce them hehe...InsyaAllah, tonight ;)

So, to all participants, stay tune. In the meanwhile, please view the pressies below ;)

Monday, July 18, 2011

What I sew...


I was sewing pressies for my collaboration giveaway with D'Amani Cottontherapy, they are 4 Anissa Clutches and 4 Nicky drawstring pouches.

I'm done with Anissa clutches and still in the making of 4 more drawstring pouches. Guys, the fabrics from D'Amani are absolutely gorgeous! I am so in love with her fabrics, and sewing the clutches was soooo fun!

Winners will be announce by D'Amany Cottontherapy, stay tune!

Oh, by the way, these two are in-stock at my shop, first come first serve, ladies!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A little note to Naydee

My little precious Naydee,


Selamat Hari Lahir, anak mommy sayang.
Walaupun kita hidup tak semewah orang,
Harta tidak sebanyak mereka,
tapi hidup kita sangat bahagia.
Daddy dan mommy, Naydee juga abang-abang dan kakak selalu bersama.

Dan jika nanti dunia tidak memihak anak mommy,
jangan cepat putus asa, jangan cepat mengeluh,
Percayalah akan sentiasa ada jalan keluar dari semua masalah,
Tuhan sentiasa mendengar doa-doa mereka yang selalu mengingati-Nya,
mintalah selalu pada tuhan.
Carilah kawan-kawan yang baik-baik nanti,
nilailah kawan-kawan dari segi perangai,
bukan dari harta benda dan kekayaan,
kerana kawan-kawan mampu mempengaruhi Naydee,
jadi pilihlah yang baik-baik sahaja.

Stay as sweet as yo are now forever, dear.
Please grow up healthy and happy,
 and be not a clever person, but a wise one!
Mommy sayang anak mommy!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2nd Service Giveaway winner's prezzie finally done :)


Finally done with my 2nd winner's pressie :)
It was a long wait for her, but I hope it is worth it, though.
Congratulations Kak and thank you for participating in my Service Giveaway.
Don't forget to enter my collaboration giveaway with D'Amani Cottontherapy that will end on 17th July.
And also in my next 3rd Service Giveaway soon.

Monday, July 11, 2011



Wow, it has been awhile since my last post. I was not feeling well the last two days, after Naydee was down with fever (syukur, she is now better).

I was down with really bad headache (I hope it's not migraine, though) and giddy all over. Macam preggy, aih, I hope not hehe...5 kiddo are enough for me... :D

Currently I am now doing another Giveaway winner's pressie for my 2nd giveaway last May, have been delay too long, sorry kak!

And also pressies for my collaboration giveaway with D'Amani Cottontherapy, 8 winners all together! Wow, sangat rugi if tak join :)

And these were the latest done despite me not being so well. Sakit aje memanjang...

Baby Jue Set

Baby Jue (original design)

Another Baby Jue :)

Baby Jue design is kinda tricky design to sew, so, it usually took too much time and effort than any other designs in my shop, I hope my client understand why I sometimes can't deliver them on time, also with some things that happen that I can't prevent. So sorry.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another giveaway from us and D'Amani Cottontherapy!!!


Hi all, just a quick announcement!
We'll be having another giveaway with joint collaboration with D'Amani Cottoctherapy, just click the link below:
or this link
for more details! TQ.

Good luck for everyone :)